Sable-An Ode to a Stray Cat

You were a stray looking to survive

Out on the streets walking day and night

Your asphalt bed may give you some rest

Yet you dream of loving arms and kisses

And a home to call your nest.


Your dark fur, glazed with a golden sheen

Shines in the sun after the rain has made it clean

Blind in one eye, and emaciated

You stirred an ache to take you in and make you contented.


I wanted to give you more, but you can’t take too much

I hope you didn’t mind my tentative touch

The only way I know how to make you feel

That in your short harsh life, someone cared enough to give you a meal.


When I looked out through my window this morning

I saw you at peace; lazing under the warmth of the sun

Until I realized your frail body has already failed

and your gentle soul has already gone.


Now,I write this ode through a veil of tears

For a stray that only knew a few moments of caring

At least let me give you this

A name you never had the chance of hearing.



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