Friday, May 20, 2022
Friday, May 20, 2022

Let’s Save San Nicolas (Manila)

The district of San Nicolas has great historical value. The interaction of Spanish andChinese influences that largely contributed to the Filipino identity took place inChinatown, which San Nicolas is part of. Here you can find buildings from the 19th century, some dating about...


Here the seashore stores The footprints of strangers And stories about the oceans Like nobody knows until now where the first wave came from And open secrets of ancestors Like...


Dusk The sun bleeds as it dies. Magentas, crimsons, lilacs spread across the sky. “A variant of the riddle goes: A pair of yarn balls...

2 poems

Prelude I’m scared of this masterpiece,                           how I painted it so perfectly with every bit of green and blue, sewed                           to a threshold of fragmented doors— a...


Playbook to aid in COVID-19 uptake launched

Vaccination is so far the best weapon against the COVID-19 virus that has been hogging the headlines for the past two years. However, as of Feb. 9, data from the Department of Health (DOH) indicated that approximately 60 million Filipinos have completed the...



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Moves like Brocka

The Philippines Graphic shares with its readers the life, conviction, and passion of this much venerated, singularly gifted, and internationally-acclaimed film director whose best works spanned one of the most difficult junctures in our nation’s history. Written by multi-awarded poet, screenwriter, editor, and...