A New Year resolution

Is it imperative to run through along

when the countdown starts at ten, until I take

the plunge, bring myself forward,

ask which intent yields the least red flags

I come undone to commit a list of selves

I desire being for the year approaching

and learn: this self, which understands

  • before the process of oscillation finally

presents itself to matter most, I

have to measure the threshold with my hands

See which entry is too difficult

When you’ve been alone for years

on end with only your body to spare,

the limits in the registry are absolute

The lapses are notably proverbial

Yet only the order varies in terms of significance:

I have to arrange the sheets in the morning

Rub the dust off the window sill once handful

At ease when astringency of solitude is particular

Travail as if I’ve slept hours likewise befitting

Distinguish which fear exists recurring

when I sense an impending collision

But before everything else:

Rip the heavy out of this ribcage

It is not enough to be lighter

but it is the consummate incipience

Only then will everything else follow



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