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“Instead of losing weight, why not pledge, I am going to eat healthy?” said Dr. Kathrina Bundalian, consultant from The Medical City (TMC) Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center at TMC has a Weight Management Program that offers comprehensive and personalized solutions to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

The program begins with an evaluation of the client’s endocrine metabolic risks, including evidence of pre-diabetes, diabetes mellitus, lipid problems, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Based on this assessment, a customized weight management and behavioural support plans will be prepared for the client.

The program also includes lifestyle and motivational consult, nutrition, and fitness.

Comprehensive Weight Management Program for the Obese

While lifestyle modifications remain the mainstay for the treatment of mild to moderate obesity, for individuals with severe obesity especially those who are suffering from weight related medical conditions, other therapies such as intensive diets using meal replacements, drugs and weight-loss surgery also known as “bariatric” surgery may be indicated.

Dr. Raymund Joaquin Erese, bariatric surgeon and member of the Wellness Center’s Weight Management Team, pointed out the need to consult doctors who are weight-loss specialists when considering the above serious regimens.

An individualized formulation of the diet is highly advisable, based on a comprehensive interview with the patient, including dietary and weight history, current food intake and level of physical activity, propensity toward change, and the food behaviour.

On the other hand, weight loss medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may be part of a comprehensive weight management program.

Research indicates that these drugs may enhance weight loss in some overweight and obese adults but they also have unacceptable side effects that should be monitored.

Bariatric surgery, which was first pioneered over 60 years ago, has become an increasingly popular tool in the battle against obesity due to its efficacy in terms of weight loss, and correction of metabolic disease, such Type 2 diabetes mellitus. This option provides weight loss that is sustained in most patients and the metabolic benefits following bariatric surgery are generally more pronounced than those achieved following lifestyle and medical treatment.

To learn more about the Weight Management Program of The Medical City, please call the TMC Wellness Center at 9881000 ext. 6576.



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