Daemon and Dreamer

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You are the Past

I’ve annihilated

To save



In my slumber

You took root

Inside me

Against my will,

Tangled tentacles

Of a poisoned love

Long dead.


I ripped out

Your tortured spirit

To exorcise you

From my consciousness.


In you

My absence

Became an emptiness

That screams

In silence.


The echoes resonate

In my soul –

The half of me

That dwells in you.

Yet I refused

To listen.


Many years

You searched for me

Without knowing how

Before I found you

Without meaning to.


At last

I heard your pain

In your distant voice



I saw your face


A mirrored reflection

Of my being

On digitized screen –

I can’t touch

Only imagine.


My Daemon,

I summon you

To kill your memory

And set me free.


On canvas

I unleashed you

Into art –

Shadows in flight

On colors smudged

Images of my life

In yours,



On paper

I dissected you

Into prose

An assemblage of words

Printers’ ink marching

Across blank space

Forever hidden

In the open.


Begone now!

You will never define me.

Out of the Daemon’s door

You are not real.

I will not allow you

To be.

I shall wade out

Of the sea of your tears

Without a backward glance

Or a single last kiss.


Away I must plod on

Where my soul path leads

I must leave you behind

Unmourned and unblessed.


I’ve carved your tombstone

In my crypt of dead dreams

I shall lay down a wreath

Where I bury your chains.


The cords that have bound us

I will cleave with one blow

Setting you adrift

Down the abyss below.


My lamb on the altar

You will burn back to ash

And the rain shall feed you

To the earth’s famished mouth.


Return to your mother,

The womb of the night,

In her fleshless embrace

Surrender your heart.


Devoured by the darkness

You’ll find peace at last

Only then can you live on

When you die in her arms.




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