First Love

From the morning to the evening

Fresh young hearts were set to burning

With desire; pain and sadness yet to know.


He my lover first to waken

Mind and body, my heart taken,

Then set to match, see how the embers glow.


My hand he takes and places

On his chest, and then our faces

Close, as lips lock in a kiss that blurs the mind.


At my touch his breathing, faster

In my ear he sings, the master

Of my fate; his hands rove my self to please and bind.


I feel his heart beating loudly

‘neath my hand; his manhood proudly

Juts between us, as he presses closer still.


And I open myself to him

As a goddess, conflagrating

And we burn together in the lust we feel.


I am Kali, he is Shiva

We lay waste to worlds together

Our passion is destruction and rebirth.


From the little death we both rise

Resurrected to our new life

Ever true and real, for all our days on earth.


His deep voice it whispers ‘always’,

Words a promise of the new days,

Then he left me. And I wept since trust was torn.


Twenty years we sought in sorrow

Loved another, but tomorrow

Brings the promise of a steadfast love reborn.

Yet the fires they are raging

Tied to others, our souls waging

Private battles if to stay or if to go.


From the evening to the morning

Broken hearts, they still are burning

In the flame of love we lit so long ago.



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