I Keep a Lover

I keep a lover and

He means so much to me.

When I think of him

I feel light-headed

And giddy from within.

We test each other’s

Patience then make love

Like there’s no tomorrow.

He is in myself,

My triumph and tempest,

He makes me seethe

With rage and passion

Till we both are consumed:

A glorious conflagration.


I keep a lover and

My lover keeps me.

When we hold hands

Our fingers speak

A language unknown

But never misunderstood.

When our lips touch

Everything is clear,

My love is for him

And his love is here–

Nothing is wrong,

Nothing’s amiss:

I am his religion

He is my bliss.




Against my fingers

Your hair feels like

Feathers from wings

Of a bird, waiting,

Aching to fly.


Your lips, soft as

Flowers just emerged

From the bud, sigh,

Tug at my heart

Like vivid memories.


What secrets hide

Behind your eyes, what

Pain forewarns me to

Hold you only in the

Manner of mothers?


With this kiss,

I’d like to map your

Uncharted territories,

Roam your hills and

Mountains, feel


The winds of

Your heart beating

Against my breast.






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