Lenten Special at Chicken Delli

At Chicken Deli, you can enjoy their hearty bangus dishes that will satisfy the taste of anyone who is abstaining during the Lenten season.

They have a range of bangus dishes that are good for both the body and soul.

Satisfy your palate with their Boneless Bangus that is marinated with special flavors and spices then deep fried to a crispy golden perfection and garnished with with onions and special bangus sauce.

If you opt to try something that is soup based, you can try their Sinigang na Bangus—a delicious sour soup dish made with Boneless Bangus slices and vegetables.

Chicken Deli has now a growing number of loyal customers all over our country​, with over 50 branches all throughout the Philippines from north to south. Visit the Chicken Deli branches near you or you can check their website at www.chickendeli.com.ph for more information. You could also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.




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