by Earl Carlo Guevarra

Back when I was a child

I thought revolution was a product

Of blood, sweat, tears and steel


I thought that it was about rallies

And rousing speeches

Laced with tales of bravery and defiance


Maybe a column of tanks here and there

And someone blocking the road

With flowers, streamers and placards


But when I grew up

I realized that revolution

Also comes from the heart


It is the reply of the soul

To a world, which

Is increasingly maddened with chaos


It comes with holding to one’s principles

And staying steadfast to them

Without losing hope for a better future

It is also a rebellion of the mind

Against attempts

To make us renounce the truth of our past


Finally, it’s about never bowing down

Towards the things

That makes us lose our human compass


Maybe, this revolution is hard to achieve

But be rest assured

Its fruits are glorious indeed.



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