Time to go scuba diving

by Fil V. Elefante

Dive District offers a wide range of diving courses, trips and scuba gears. Beginners take the two most popular courses, Discovery Scuba and Basic Open Water Course. Discovery Scuba (intro dive) is perfect for those who want to test the waters and try scuba. This session is a one-day event held at a dive resort in Batangas. On the other hand, the Basic Open Water Certification is for those who want to take it to the next level and dive up to 60 ft anywhere in the world. The course requires online learning, confined pool sessions held in Metro Manila and checkout dives held in Batangas.

Summer’s here again. And it’s time to beat the heat.One great way to do that is to go scuba diving.

For those who want to try this but have no experience in using diving gear, the best way would be to join the Scuba Discovery Program.

One doesn’t have to go far from Metro Manila to join this underwater adventure. The Scuba Discovery Program is offered in several diving resorts in Batangas.

I accompanied a friend of mine, Atty. Ian Alvaera, when he conducted a Scuba Discovery program recently. The lawyer, who’s a diving instructor, reminded me of what it’s like to see the corals up close and having fish swim alongside me.

Scuba diving is truly a thrill.  The only thing I know that can beat this is skydiving. But that’s an entirely different story.

No prior diving experience is needed in taking up the introductory dive. Basic skills that a newbie diver needs to know will be taught. These are how to clear a diving mask and how to use a regulator.

Those taking the course will be taken to the diving resort’s pool to get used to the gear they will use for the dive. The gear will consist of a wet suit, mask, regulator, tank, weight belt, fins and a vest.

At first glance, all these may seem heavy but once underwater, the gear’s total weight will be negligible.

Underwater, those taking the intro dive will be accompanied by a diving instructor, usually one expert diver handling two newbies. The depth of the dive will normally be from five to seven meters.

One thing, though, an introduction dive is not a certification course for scuba diving. If you really want to be a certified scuba diver, there are specialized courses for it.

And Atty. Ian and his group are among the many diving instructors who can provide that. So, if you and your friends are looking for something different to do this summer, why not try scuba diving and experience an underwater adventure.

Dive District is a scuba diving organization founded in 2014 by two friends and dive professionals, Atty. Ian Alvaera and Richie Moneza. Both earned their first diving license in 2006, and now have more than 600 dives between them. G




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