Good relationship with employees at the core of Cowboy Grill’s business strategy

Sisig pork

In an industry with a high employment turnover rate, store supervisor Rose Fernandez has never thought about leaving Cowboy Grill, a restaurant operated by Golden Pizza Inc. For the past four years, she has been working at the food outlet, in increasingly senior roles.

Her career in the food service industry started when she was just 18 years old, as a part-timer. That time, she was burning the midnight oil finishing her Mass Communication degree at the Polytechnic University, while working at Cowboy Grill to earn enough money for her education.

There, she worked as a dishwasher before moving on to become the cashier in the Malate branch where she was employed. Occasionally, the company would tap her to host parties and functions.

Rose is just one of the many employees of Cowboy Grill who have been part of the company for the years. There are some employees who are part of the start-up team that launched the company in the 1990s.

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Like all the employees working for Cowboy Grill, Rose feels valued and appreciated. The company treated each employees like a family. Cowboy Grill has been working to give its employees and key personnel a good work atmosphere that fosters professionalism, teamwork, productivity, growth, and integrity.

With over 200 employees working in its five branches and head office, Cowboy Grills believes that investing in good relationship with its employees is the most effective strategy that any company can implement to succeed.

Aside from its employees, Cowboy Grill anchors its business to good, sumptuous menu that suits even the most discerning customers.

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For the past 24 years, it has been serving a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes and drinks. Its bestsellers include Sisig dishes, Crispy Pata, Buffalo Wings, and Nachos. It also serves pasta and chicken meals, as well as pizza, among others.

Its biggest draw lies on its live bands that provide high-quality entertainment every night. Cowboy Grill has a roster of approximately 30 bands performing different music genres.

“Throughout the 24 years we are in operation, we believe that the success of our business has been anchored to three things – one, we have a good menu that is reasonably priced and suits discerning palates; two, we adapt to the changes of our times, by looking at the latest trends and changing our strategies based on these, and three, we maintain good relationship with our employees.”





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