Boracay Water supports drainage clearing operations

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On top of the ongoing expansion of its sewer system to accommodate more establishments in the island, Boracay Island Water Company (Boracay Water) has extended its efforts to support the current drainage clearing operations of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

It is providing a temporary interceptor and diversion system that will redirect the drainage water to the company’s Balabag Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Boracay Water General Manager and COO Joseph Michael Santos said that the temporary interceptor and diversion device are located at the TIEZA Drainage Pumping Station at the Balabag Main Road and are intended to divert untreated wastewater at the drainage holding tank from being discharged directly into the existing drainage network.

Instead, the untreated wastewater is diverted to the Balabag STP for proper treatment to comply with the stringent effluent or discharge standards of DENR.

Just recently, illegal dumping or discharge of untreated wastewater coming from various commercial establishments have been uncovered, the major culprit for the heightened coliform levels at the Bolabog Beach drainage outfall.

“Ideally, the drainage lines should only carry storm or rainwater and is expected to be dry particularly during the summer months when there are no rains.

However, the existing drainage system continues to discharge ‘black’ water with foul odor which is indicative of untreated wastewater entering the drainage lines,” Santos added.

In coordination with TIEZA and DENR, Boracay Water so far uncovered and plugged a total of 36 illegal pipes in the areas of Kanyugan Alley and Road 1A in Barangay Balabag to prevent further the release of sewage into the drainage system.

Even before the closure took effect in the island, Boracay Water has been expanding its sewer system and network, consistent with the infrastructure masterplan approved by TIEZA.

In fact, it has recently announced that it is ready to accept sewage coming from non-Boracay Water customers to ensure compliance with the DENR discharge standards.

Boracay Water has also launched a massive information, education, and communication campaign about the difference between a drainage system compared with sewer or wastewater system.





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