From the NBA to the Big3

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The National Basketball Association is one of the most prominent sport industries on the planet. It has a lasting legacy starting legends such as Julius Irving to Magic Johnson to the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan. More recently, superstars are finding their name enshrined in the NBA Hall of Fame such as Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and of course, Lebron James.

But there is a new and special place for former NBA players to come back to the sport they love. Many players find themselves falling off the rosters of their NBA teams after weathering multiple seasons and injuries that have left them unable to play competitively in the highest level of basketball in professional sports. Goodbye NBA. Hello, The Big3!

The Big3 features a special kind of 3-on-3 basketball with all the fanfare and drama of the NBA, but with even more fun. The NBA has rigorous standards and an intense pace.

Teams and players compete in 82 games a year in the regular season. Sixteen teams make it to the playoffs and go head to head in a best-of-7 series until two teams are crowned the Western and Eastern Conference Champions respectively. And then these teams head off to the NBA Finals for a final round of best-of-7 series, that will determine the NBA champion. Add to this the many player trades, free agency, rigorous trainings, media exposure, and a frenzied fan culture, the NBA is a tough place to be a player. But the Big3 changes all that!

Rapper and Actor Ice Cube partnered with business experts and basketball legends to give us a fresh and fun new basketball league to watch. Think wise-cracking street ball combined with NBA media fanfare and you have the Big3! Here, former NBA players get the chance to once again lace up their shoes, put on their jerseys, and step out into the court to play the game they love.

The Big3 also comes at a point in the year when the current NBA season ends. So technically, the basketball season never stops! 3-pointers (and even 4-pointers!) will rain down, slashers will cut, spin and cross-over their way to the rim as we all get our fill of basketball action from the Big3!

All Big3 games will be streaming live on FOX+. FOX+ is available on Android and iOSdevices as well as on Apple TV andselect Android TVs. Start yourfree 30 daytrialnow. For more info, visit:









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