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You don’t listen to jazz because

It is neither pedestrian nor broccoli.

“Who’s Mahatma Gandhi?” asks a man

Who had somehow gone through twenty

Years without learning a thing or

Two in history but swears that

A wild boar’s penis does wonders

To an underachieving male such as

He. Incredibly smart about rap culture,

It should not be too much

Of me to ask, I think,

For a gentler spin, something parochial,

And not based upon a horoscope

Page. We are stir-fried characters

With illustrative details enough to choke

On our patron saint’s banquet. If

You are ever going to love

Me, I might even see your good

Side and finally see in you

Something they say there is not.

Do you think, just possibly, we

Could use a few more moments

Of this light? I see you

Nod indulgently. Tomorrow, it might be

That you’ll find yourself listening to

Jazz with me and that’ll be

A different story.





Diana B. Noche
Diana B. Noche
Diana B. Noche, 77, worked as an Accountant for nearly 35 years. She studied Professional Photography at the New York Institute of Photography in 1996. She submitted short stories and poems to the Philippines Free Press, What’s Up, Health News, Panorama , Daily Tribune, and Liwayway Magazine (Tagalog). She currently writes articles for the Motoring Section and photo essays for Lifestyle (Manila Standard). Her short story, “ That Male Thing,” appeared in the Philippines Graphic Reader maiden issue (February 2022).


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