Dima development on stream: A wellness village in Sandari Batulao

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DIMA, where 50% of the place is devoted to greens and open spaces

Following the success of its first phase—a residential project known as Nale—Sandari Batulao is now on its way to its second development known as Dima, a wellness community in the sprawling estate in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Groundbreaking for Dima is expected to start this year, initially with the construction of its clubhouse, it was announced during a recent Investors’ Night in honor of lot owners, investors and top brokers.

Sandari Batulao is a premier mountainside development of Citystate Properties and Management Corporation (CPMC), the property development arm of the ALC Group of Companies organized by the late Ambassador Antonio L. Cabangon Chua.

At 19 hectares, Dima is almost half the size of the completed first phase Nale, which is 41 hectares.

Envisioned to be a wellness village, Dima will be built around the three core principles of wellness: Eat, Move and Sleep. This means a holistic and healthy living where one can breathe fresh air, have space to exercise and relax and eat fresh food.

In keeping with these core principles, Dima will have a nursery for plants that can provide fresh produce for the residents. Fruit-bearing trees will also be planted to provide fresh air and natural shade in the area.

Dima will also have open space for forest bathing to relax the mind, a communal natural river, edible landscaping and an outdoor obstacle course. Clubhouse amenities will include a pool, organic farm, function hall and shower/locker rooms.

Sandari Batulao now has sites that can be used for exercise activities like tai chi and yoga in the near future. For people who love outdoor sports, there is a bicycle lane that can give people a good form of exercise for the heart.

A jogging lane will also be put up as part of the company’s plans for Dima’s emergence as a wellness village.

With all these in mind, Sandari Batulao is positioning Nale and Dima as homes for healthy living, which is getting popular nowadays.

Maureen Azarcon, Sandari Batulao Vice-President for Sales

“With the urban areas getting more crowded, development projects like Sandari Batulao are getting to be more popular because more and more people want to pursue a healthier lifestyle,” said Maureen Azarcon, vice president for Sales of Sandari Batulao.

As part of its objective to provide holistic living, Azarcon said Sandari Batulao has allotted 50% of Dima to open space while the rest will be apportioned to housing lots.

Some lot owners gave testimonials during the event expressing high hopes about Sandari Batulao.

Liza Borela said she and her husband decided to buy three lots in Sandari Batulao because the family wants to get away from the traffic congestion and pollution in Metro Manila.

Sandari Batulao lot owners Yet Gorospe, Fe Libaco, and Liza Borela with Markie Almazora of the CPMC Marketing team

Yet Gorospe, a real estate broker and also an investor in Sandari Batulao, said his ardent desire to pursue healthy living was a great motivation to live in Sandari Batulao. “I want to bike, walk, hike, breathe fresh air and eat fresh food and I found it here in Sandari,” he said.

Fe Labaco, a retiree, said she quickly fell in love with Sandari Batulao because she believes the place will provide quality living for her.

Azarcon said majority of the lot owners in Sandari Batulao are retirees, but the number of young professionals buying is also increasing, as well as overseas Filipino workers.

Rufina Cabangon, vice chairman of CPMC, had recalled in an earlier interview that her father and the founder of Sandari Batulao, Ambassador Cabangon Chua, loved visiting the property to relax and distress from the daily grind.

“He loved the place so much that he actually wanted to retire here. So, we are here to continue his legacy. His vision of Sandari becoming a wellness and relaxation destination is becoming a reality,” she said.




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