Asylum pieces

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at 53

my sinfulness pervades the daily news

and “justifies all my childhood abuse”—

i thank all for the times when I can choose

to turn to earthly and heavenly hues


and true forms and movements and sounds profuse,

and fall out of the war of wordy views

to forge a path to paying all my dues

and win for my body and mind a truce.

* 8 august 2017


a gay’s wait

in the night I read the book of day,

in the day I hear the news of night;

in the night I sleep a dream of white,

in the day I live a pain of gray.


in the night I walk on feet of clay,

in the day I pray with hands that fight;

i wait for the distant lights of night

to grow, to gather, to grant my day.

*12 august 2017



(for Nathalia Go)

Following a dim

Day, the night is as cold as

Grey charcoal ashes.


Waking up from my

Dreamless sleep, I live the same

Greyness in the dawn.


Warm sun and cool trees,

Rainbows of fruits and flowers

Dye my dreams of day.

*26 august 2017




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