Oakley introduces latest tough gears for running and cycling

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These days, there’s a multitude of cycling gears to choose from, and it can be very expensive if you want to go for a perfect gear that wears better and tougher than expected.  Since that is in large part of a function to your ride, you want to make sure that you’re banking your hard earned money and your dear life on a good quality gears.

Enter the Oakley headgears ARO Series and Flight and Field Jacket eyewear all of them are a solid investment in your long-term cycling joy.

“Oakley has always been known for its innovation.  This year, we’re very excited to announce that we are introducing the ARO series to the cycling community!  Three different helmets that address different issues about headgears like space, fit, and eyewear integration,” said Oakley Philippines (Meera Enterprises, Inc.) Marketing Manager, Lauren Lacandale.


Oakley has always involved athletes in product development allowing them to design products geared towards function.

The ARO Series is made up of polycarbonate shell. These road racing helmets are more than just protective gear!  Safely being the cutting edge of these helmets, each one is equipped with MIPS Brain Protection Systems: a low friction layer separating the shell and the lining devised to reduce rotational motion on angled impact, providing the rider with superior protection.  Each helmet is also lined with EPS Protective Foam that absorbs impact and road vibration.

Oakley also threw in the BOA FS1-1 System.  A 360-degree fit system wherein a dial tensions the TX1 lace: soft, flexible, and thin lace that lies flat inside the helmet for a more snug and custom fit with less pressure on your temples.


Of course, the world’s known eyewear brings in the latest innovations in the eyewear category—the Flight and Field Jacket!

The Flight Jacket and the Field Jacket are Oakley’s two new additions in a wide array of optic technology. Available in 7 colors these aerodynamic designed frames are the eyewears of choice for running, cycling,and more.

“Oakley continues to up the game! With its entry in the Cycling Helmet Industry, we’re all excited to see how it changes and improves riders’ experience! This time we’ve got everyone covered from helmets, eyewear, kits, and accessories,”  Lacanlale concluded.



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