The fire tree

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You were born in grace facing the

Fire tree entangled with the wind and the sun

And pregnant with imaginations of the crossing

Lights focused on the direction of the meadow

Tarnishing your immaculate shadow with the

Image of burning tree gobbled by the horizon

And your sophisticated thoughts travelled

Earnestly to the various corners of your universe.

Beyond the awkwardness of your stance

In great measure you danced with the rhythm

Of the gliding hours courageously spent in the heat

Of those lazy afternoons looking at the hues of the summer

Etched in the running images of red and orange

Forgetting that the green gave life to the dullest of episodes

Of your once untainted life joyously crossing the

The spaces crying for recognition against the oblivion

Of those who walked in the beat of the vanishing flashes

Of brilliance born in the mountainous dreams of all of the dusts

Who came before you when the fire tree was the solitary hope

Radiating in the entirety of the sleeping land!



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