PCSO to build own corporate center in Manila

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) General Manager Alexander Balutan announced recently that the agency is set to construct its own corporate center in San Marcelino, Manila to decongest its satellite office at Lung Center of the Philippines, which is catering to about 700 patients per day.

Likewise, the PCSO Satellite Office located at LCP shall be transferred to Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

Balutan dispelled rumors that PCSO will stop giving medical assistance once UHC law has been fully implemented.

Earlier, Balutan revealed that the agency is set to give 40% from the 30% of the Charity Fund, which is about P8 billion for UHC on the 3rd quarter this year.

UHC will catalyze reforms for the health care system in the Philippines, particularly strengthening primary care services, through the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. or PhilHealth.

UHC will ensure adequate funding through the Department of Health (DOH) annual budget, revenues from sin taxes, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, PCSO, and PhilHealth members’ contribution.

PCSO Charter, or RA 1169, particularly on revenue allocation, provides that the revenue of the PCSO shall be allocated to 55% for prize fund (payment of prizes), 30% for charity fund (various charity programs and service) and 15% as operating fund (maintenance and operating expenses).

Charity Fund is divided into two: 60% of which is for IMAP and other charity programs such as Ambulance Donation, Calamity Assistance, Medical and Dental Mission, and others; while 40% is for mandatory contributions of PCSO to almost 28 government agencies like Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), among many others.

In 2018, PCSO generated a whopping P63.55, marking a 20% increase from its total generated revenue in 2017. With that, the agency was able to help 528,190 patients, spending about P8,682,919,581.50.

The agency also catered to 9,231 patients, spending about P626,249.20 through its medical and dental mission, which is 233-percent increase from the P188,006.50 released amount for 3,490 patients in 2017.

PCSO has also allocated P35,475,050 for Institutional Partnerships (IP) in 2018. The IP program augments the financial resources of institutions (government organizations and non-government organizations e.g. orphanages, halfway house for the elderly and the abandoned engaged in welfare and charity services with emphasis on medical and health needs of its beneficiaries.



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