Manila Doctors new Cancer Institute introduces advanced cancer treatments

Faster, innovative and more comprehensive cancer care is now available at Manila Doctors Hospital’s newly opened Cancer Institute.

Once again, MDH is at the forefront of the battle against cancer through the acquisition of the first VitalBeam radiotherapy system Linear Accelerator (LINAC) and Image-guided Brachytherapy.

These machines will make it possible to offer safer, targeted treatments with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Hitting its target while reducing risk to the surrounding healthy tissues.

The Cancer Institute is chaired by renowned cancer specialist, Dr. Antonio Villalon. The Institute integrates all cancer related services within the hospital and will champion the multidisciplinary team approach for cancer care.

The multidisciplinary approach will involve all pertinent health care specialists from medical doctor, surgical oncologist, gynecologist, radiation oncologist, medical physicist, psychiatrist, spiritual counsellors, hospice care and other specialists to complete the treatment of a cancer patient.

Cancer ranks third as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country today. The Cancer Institute, with its cutting edge cancer-fighting equipment and team of specialist has given much needed hope to patients fighting the disease.





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