Experience the magic at home with Enchanted Kingdom’s virtual rides and attractions

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While we all wait for Enchanted Kingdom’s big re-opening after it temporarily closed its gates to the public a few months ago due to COVID-19, thrill seekers can still enjoy the Park amidst the pandemic. Your favorite adventure destination is bringing magic and delights right to your home.

Featuring virtual rides and spell-binding spectacles that everyone has surely missed, EK babies and Park fanatics can get a dose of the exciting theme park experience at the comfort of their virtual couches.

The loops and turns of Space Shuttle

One of the most loved EK rides that lifts its riders at 35.5 meters high – equivalent to an 11-storey high building – before releasing it down to the loops. One can easily get the intense feeling while watching the pull of gravity at an extreme height with the adrenaline-pumping view. 

This all-time EK favorite gives the same all-out-scream feeling as the ride maneuvers upside down.

Jungle Log Jam’s bumpy water ride

This amazon-inspired water ride gives one a quick exhilarating drop. The Jungle Log Jam takes riders up and down two slopes of different heights while seated on a gently floating hollow log. Viewers can still enjoy a unique ride experience without getting wet from the water splash while the log lands down.

The exquisite story of Enchanted Kingdom

Featuring excerpts from the EK Story Musicale, the video showcases homegrown songs sang by the main characters, Princess Victoria and Princess Madeline.

All these virtual rides and attractions are posted on Enchanted Kingdom’s Facebook page. To see more exciting fun-filled online content and updates, visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website and Facebook account: www.enchantedkingdom.ph and  www.facebook.com/enchantedkingdom.ph



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