Derma Care for the ‘new normal’

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In this time of COVID-19, it is normal for anyone to experience stress. But different people show their stress differently. For some individuals, stress shows up for all the world to see—on their skin.

Dermatologist Grace Carole P. Beltran observes a number of dermatological concerns that popped up even more during the lockdown.

She lists them down: “Psoriasis is number one. Atopic dermatitis is number two. Others include acne vulgaris, hair loss or alopecia, allergic contact dermatitis, hypersensitivity reaction, painful varicose veins, carbuncles, severe pruritus, prurigo, and lichen simplex chronicus.”

Yet apart from these that are triggered by stress, there were also consultations for nose lift, facelift, and rejuvenation. Perhaps aesthetic enhancements can do wonders for the sagging spirit.

But given the limitations of the current community quarantines, Dr. Beltran had to hold her patients’ hands figuratively via online consultations. “It was difficult,” she confessed, “but I made it through. Perhaps because of years of experience (27 years of practice), I survived.”

When there are cases that she could not diagnose via online platforms, she asks to see the patients in person to treat them properly. However, these face-to-face consultations follow strict health protocols with Level 3 to 4 protection depending on the case.

Dr. Beltran’s caring bedside manner clearly lives up to her name—Grace. From the outset, her gracious attitude allowed her to detour from an inclination towards Fine Arts into a career in Medicine.

Known for her accessibility to her patients, Dr. Beltran updates her knowledge and enhances her skills as a dermatologist from various travels and studies abroad.

Influenced by her father who believed that a physician is one of the most respected professions, she embraced the healer’s path with great determination and dedication. Despite the back-breaking years of studies, sleepless nights, and frustrating moments, she soldiered on and made it.

There was a point, however, when a doctor’s toxic schedule became too overwhelming to balance motherhood and her career. Thus, she had to take a step back and focus on a particular specialization. She chose dermatology.

Looks like that was the perfect choice for Dr. Beltran. Today, her drive and inspiration are evident as she helps patients to not only feel good about their outward appearance but also to discover their unique inner beauty.

Her patients are fortunate indeed, for she gives service beyond the call of duty. Because they have her contact number, they can easily get in touch with her wherever and whenever they need to.

Likewise, they have access to formulations that she and her pharmacists have concocted and developed as a result of her experience, training, and education. 

And while at first glance, she seems reserved and shy, further interaction reveals a generous and kind-hearted lady, whose life is anchored on her deep religious faith. Grounded on the spiritual, she incorporates prayer in treating patients, especially those who have difficult conditions.

The fact that she taps the heavenlies gives her more strength and wisdom to face the uncertainties of this pandemic.

These days, Dr. Beltran says, are “very difficult and more demanding.  Because at this time, we do not only cure the existing problem but we also have the responsibility of making our patients safe, our assistants, and of course, ourselves, safe too. That is why we need to do regular room sterilization after clinic hours, clean after each patient, provide the staff with protective gear, equip the clinics with gadgets for protection during and after each procedure, while protecting ourselves at the same time.”

In this age of the new normal, treat your skin with extra grace. Contact Dr. Grace Carole P. Beltran at (84018411, 09175711992, 09998834802).



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