Mondelez Philippines makes new sustainability commitments

Partnership with Plastic Credit Exchange for collecting 130 MT of post-consumer plastic waste; Contributing to Plastic Processing Rates

There is no question that apart from finding a way back to normalcy after this pandemic, climate change is the most important issue our planet is facing today. Specifically, the mounting challenge of ensuring waste does not end up in nature and pollute water streams.

While plastic is still the most effective and efficient packaging for food products, there remains the challenges of reducing the use of plastic, ensuring that the plastic being used is recycle-ready, and that collection, recycling, and processing really occur in the community.

Snack company Mondelez Philippines has committed to do its part in taking on these challenges globally.

Recycled play area

“We are committed to evolving our portfolio to recycle-ready packaging and to minimizing the impact of our products, packaging and operations,” explained Joseph Fabul, Corporate and Government Affairs Country Manager of Mondelez Philippines. “Like many industries in food manufacturing, we use flexible plastic films because they are safe, light and durable, and significantly reduce our overall carbon footprint while enabling food safety and decreasing food waste. We believe the real issue is that these materials are not collected and recycled enough. This is because the recycling infrastructure is lacking, and proper collection and disposal levels are too low.”

To help address these key issues in flexible plastic packaging, Fabul shared that their company has pledged to “…Advance public and private partnerships, recycling programs, and our advocacy efforts to build better infrastructure. So that these materials are not only designed to be recycled, but actually get collected, disposed and recycled.”

This translates to a commitment to ensure 100% of its packaging will be recycle-ready by 2025, reducing the amount of packaging being used for its products, and partnering with organizations like the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) for its collection and recycling goals.

PCEx is the world’s first global, non-profit, and fully integrated plastic offset platform. PCEx offers a seamless, traceable and effective solution to offsetting post-consumer plastics responsibly to ensure they don’t wind up in nature.

“We commend Mondelez Philippines for making the reduction of their environmental impact through packaging and tackling plastic waste urgent goals,” said Meg Anne Santos, Sustainability Campaign Manager at PCEx. “It is only right that companies prioritize reducing their packaging material. For any plastic that remains, our organization intends to make sure that it is responsibly collected and processed so that it doesn’t wind up leaking into nature.”

Plastic collection

For the first quarter of 2021, Mondelez Philippines and PCEx have partnered to recover and process 130 metric tons of post-consumer plastic waste. This waste will be sourced from various collection points across Metro Manila.

Fabul likewise said, “Our goal is to be brand-neutral. This means we are not only collecting our own post-consumer waste, but all manner of plastic packaging waste, to ensure that they are properly collected and processed; and do not end up in our oceans and seas.”

He further stated: “This new partnership is part of our continuing contributions to encourage recycling among consumers and other industries. From building recycled plastic play areas in schools, we are also part of an industry commitment called Zero Waste to Nature in 2030, with the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS). The issue of plastic packaging is a complex one which requires the support of all sectors, from consumers to companies, and the government. We know it cannot be solved overnight, but we are steadfast in our goal of making snacks the right way; and managing our supply chains sustainably, in ways that minimize our impact on the planet.”

Anyone can help stop plastic pollution. Visit PCEx’ website to find out how you can help, too.   



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