Baliuag University today: Commitment, resiliency & team spirit

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The past schoolyear was an extraordinary time for Baliuag University (BU), with unprecedented challenges testing BU on many fronts. But through the hard work, commitment and tenacity of its administration, faculty, staff, students and parents, it was able to overcome them and adapt to the new normal.

Among its achievements during this period, BU undertook the big shift from in-person classes to its University Alternative Learning Platform (ULAP), which involved supporting both faculty and students as they transitioned to the virtual classroom setup and continued the learning journey. Its administration ensured that the BU community remained engaged and connected by hosting virtual activities, from commemorating achievements to celebrating cherished holidays. 

After more than a year into the pandemic, BU is keen on keeping the momentum going and looks forward to another schoolyear with renewed energy and enthusiasm. While this year may bring its own challenges, BU remains steadfast and confident that with commitment, resiliency and team spirit, it can realize its goals and objectives of providing quality education and helping students succeed. It will make the most of now and continue to innovate to support and be there for its beloved Baliuag University family always—and all ways.

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