RC Lucena Circle heeds Mother Nature’s SOS

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When Mother Nature sent out SOS, members of Rotary Club Lucena Circle (RCLC) rushed to the rescue. 

Zeroing in on the Sierra Madre mountain range, RCLC headed by Amazing Life Changing Pres. Aya Reoflorido rose to the challenge of #riseup4SierraMadre, gamely trekking to Real, Quezon for their kick-off activity in July and planting trees to ensure a continuous life cycle of the mountain range. 

District Governor Angelita ‘Angie’ Sunio recognized the club’s participation in the event during the Governor’s Visit on Aug. 12 at Nawawalang Paraiso Resort in Tayabas City hosted by RCLC.

In her speech, DG Sunio stressed the vital and timely issue concerning the environment that’s sweeping the whole planet.

This realization, Sunio continued, was instrumental in the inclusion of Supporting the Environment as the 7th Area of Focus of RI and TRF.

She extended appreciation for the extra efforts thrown in by Pres. Aya and the RCLC members to assure DG Sunio that the club will align their service projects to fully carry out the 7 Areas of Focus.

DG Sunio stressed that mitigating the adverse effects of global warming including flash floods is a concerted effort and everybody must come together to be part of the solution, working hand in hand with the government.

She encouraged RCLC members to actively participate in tree planting activities, reduce/reuse and recycle projects and carpooling to minimize carbon dioxide emission and to use solar or renewable energy, if possible.

Officers of RCLC for RY 2021-2022 includes President Ryan “Aya” Reoflorido, Vice-Pres. and Club Trainor PP Wilfredo “Nicky” Nicdao, Secretary and President-Elect Jason “Dylan” Sabio, Treasurer PP Diza Alcala, Auditor Jayger “Jigz” Azores, Immediate Past President Arch. Jestoni Olivares, PRO and Public Image Chair Lilibeth Azores, Directors Kristoffer “Tophey” Laguerta (Community Service), PP Irenea “Irene” Sisperez (Vocational Service), Wilfredo “Nicksy” Nicdao (International Service), Amelita “Amy” Balagtas (Admin/Club Service), Em Limpin (Youth Service) and Ma. Vianca Javier (Membership).



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