RCBC puts a stop to mañana banking

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The mañana habit is a common Filipino trait of putting off day-to-day tasks for another day. This habit of procrastination has led people to settle and think there’s no better option for them. It’s not a particularly good habit to pick up, especially when it comes to digital banking.

Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) understands why this is not a good thing. Within the industry, RCBC has constantly observed many customers putting up with inefficient and traditional services simply because it’s what they’ve been used to even though there are better options.

Maria Cecilia Natividad, Group Head, Marketing Group of RCBC noted that “We want to let Filipinos know that they don’t have to settle and there are better options out there.”  She adds “As a challenger brand, there’s an opportunity for us at RCBC to disrupt and try to convince Filipinos to bank better and enjoy services that they deserve now. Not later, not tomorrow, but now. They just have to be willing to take that first step.”

In partnering with rising tech and data agency, CBR, Inc., RCBC now has a different story to tell; a narrative that clearly demonstrates in a light and humorous manner the pitfalls of the ‘mañana’ concept. 

Additionally, RCBC wanted to ensure that they cut-through across the increasingly busy digital media landscape. With a solid targeting strategy combined with CBR, Inc.’s technology, “strong creative and strategic media placements are our keys to success.” emphasized by Maria Cecilia Natividad.

Enter No More Mañana, a character-driven campaign that focuses on the personification of everyday banking procrastination.

“We understand that Filipinos tend to put off inconvenient things for later or even tomorrow, or at the very last minute. Banking happens to be one of those tasks people tend to delay. So why not tell that story in a humorous way, while at the same time, convince them to switch to RCBC?,” Alexis Villafuerte, Department Head, Digital Consumer Engagement of RCBC pointed out.

In several permutations of the campaign, we see the lead character Mr. Mañana engage in outrageously funny procrastinations as he mindlessly forgets to do his actual banking tasks. It didn’t help that competitor brands including his current bank are not exactly inspiring him to have any sense of urgency.

In essentially encouraging people to switch from their current bank to RCBC, CBR, Inc. Associate Creative Director, Cedric Cammayo, further explains that, “Since the market is tired of your typical serious or lifestyle bank ads, we envisioned this campaign to really stand out by addressing the truth about procrastination and marry that message with humor. Out comes a campaign that not only entertains but also actually motivates you to do your banking ASAP.”

Rob Martin Murphy, Executive Creative Director of CBR, Inc. adds that “the approach is to also make interesting, distinctive work that resonates with people and helps grow our clients’ business.”

“We’re thankful we found ambitious, like-minded client partners who believe in the power of creativity, storytelling and tech, to create entertaining and effective work,” Murphy enthuses.

“Hinged on a very powerful insight about procrastination, we hit a banking gold mine which we’re very confident can lead to behavior change. We’re excited how this campaign will disrupt how Filipinos approach their current banks, and hopefully, inspire them to see RCBC’s better product offerings,” Eduardo Mapa, Jr., Founder and Country Head of CBR, Inc. adds.

In the two months since the campaign was launched, RCBC achieved more than 50% of their annual target of newly opened accounts. With this tremendous response, the group is expected to further increase and generate new applications before the year ends.

“It just goes to show that Filipinos do want to change the mindset. To think that a brand like RCBC was able to spearhead behavior and digital transformation is already a huge thing for us,” Kaye Enriquez, Partner for Analytics and Head of Operations of CBR, Inc. concludes.

Looking for a way to stop procrastinating and open a new bank account? RCBC is holding a limited-time offer for new clients. Open an RCBC account ALL ONLINE and get up to P500 cash gift, with an initial deposit of as low as P1,000. Download the RCBC Online Banking app to get started. Visit rcbc.com/now to learn more.



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