Madonna of endless linen

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Our lady of one day at a time

Our lady of veils allowed to droop

Our lady of the thrice-revised corner

Madonna of postponement

Madonna of a thumb in the eye

Our lady done with these pulling at my ears

Our lady but a tear in the equipment

Virgin of the eighth

Lady of chapels for singles only

Madonna of mouths shut into law

Ewe of the lamb under decades of paint

Mother of weaving what’s undone, undoing what’s woven

Mother of violets no one laid an eye upon, no one ever will

Our lady looking back on those utensils

Madonna of the barren

Mother of day 16

Mother without bleach

Madonna of alone with the final meal

Ark of the covenant

Our lady of feeds

Queen of the mist

Queen of equidistance

Queen of art at a time like this

Madonna empirical like there’s no tomorrow

Tower of what if I call now

Tower of preemptive strikes

Queen perceiving no millennial sin

Rosal alive and overwatered

Queen of matriarchs honored with less hours for themselves

Virgin of organic mouthwash

Petal squeezed between pages right before the split

Our lady having missed these echoes so much

Mother of how come

House the sweet smell of mold

Mother of go to your room and lose your way

Queen only of the missing bead

Queen of less sound in high definition

The mirror and the precipice

Lady of day 39

Mother most indefinite

Mother of breath



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