Epson introduces the HyFlex Classroom for the new normal learning setup

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In an effort to address the need for a shift in learning setups to accommodate the growing needs of students and educational institutions, Epson introduces the HyFlex Classroom setup, a hybrid-flexible classroom designed to accommodate the simultaneous teaching of in-person and online learners by reflecting real-time changes directly on the screen.

It works by having interactive projectors flash learning materials on the classroom’s whiteboard, screen, or wall, allowing teachers to use them as visuals, and to freely annotate on the projected content to further explain them.

Interactive Projectors. Epson’s line of interactive projectors for the HyFlex Classroom include (L-R) the EB-73Fi Interactive Laser Projector, the EB-1485Fi 3LCD Projector, and the EB-695Wi Ultra-Short Throw Projector.

The teacher can see and monitor the students at home using a secondary projection (optional set up) at the back of the classroom. Meanwhile, students on site can connect their laptops to the main interactive projector to view and annotate on their own screen using the annotation feature of the video conferencing app – seeing real-time changes and annotations projected on the screen.

“Epson is honored to be a part of the innovation that will pave the way for the transformation of our educational system. As we continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic and face the new normal, our company will remain committed to empowering the brilliant minds of tomorrow through our flexible and easy-to-adapt technology to help ensure successful online learning experiences,” said Ed Bonoan, Marketing Division Head of Epson Philippines.

To maximize the potential and features of this setup, Epson recommends the use of Epson’s full line of products – from the interactive projector, ELPDC21 document camera, multifunction printer, and an optional entry-level projector.



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