Tristate Securities Inc. is now Dragonfi Securities Inc.

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BeeDragon Global Corporation has received the approval of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for the change of the corporate name of its wholly owned subsidiary from Tristate Securities Inc to its new corporate name DragonFi Securities Inc.

BeeDragon Global Corp’s acquisition of Tri-State Securities Inc was approved by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) last November 2021.

DragonFi aims to provide everyone with transformational investment platforms that will provide fast, reliable, and secure trade executions to the Philippine equity market.  It also intends to provide exclusive digital financial tools and content that is timely, enriching, and easily digestible that can help its customers improve investment outcomes.  By leveraging best-in-class investment technology, DragonFi will provide the most advanced web and mobile applications that will satisfy both neophyte and discerning investors alike. 

DragonFi intends to launch its leading edge platform by the 4th quarter of 2022.

BeeDragon Global Corporation is a joint venture between Honeystar Holdings Corp., Injap Investments Inc., and the group of Jon Carlo Lim.  BeeDragon Global Corp will be the corporate entity that will house the group’s fintech-related endeavors.

DragonFi Securities Inc will form the cornerstone of the firm’s aspirations to elevate the retail investment space in the country. 

BeeDragon will be managed by Jon Carlo Lim, president and CEO; Cathryn Ann Lao, director and chief Technology officer; Edgar Injap Sia II, chairman; and Tony Tan Caktiong, co-chairman.

Honeystar Holdings Corp. is the holding company headed by the Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong while Injap Investments Inc. is the holding company headed by Mang Inasal founder and MerryMart chairman, Edgar Injap Sia II.  Both Honeystar Holdings Corp. and Injap Investments Inc. are the principal shareholders of the listed company DoubleDragon Corporation.

BeeDragon’s president and CEO Jon Carlo Lim received his MBA with concentration in Finance and Accounting from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and has over 20 years of financial markets experience.

BeeDragon’s director and chief Technology officer Cathryn Ann Lao received her Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University.  She worked in equities technology in New York for both Bank of America and Citigroup N.A.

“We believe that harnessing the power of technology in a financial services context can be a force for good.  Currently, less than 2% of the Philippines’ working-age population has a stock brokerage account.  By making investing convenient and effortless, we hope to broaden participation in the capital markets, one of the key builders of wealth. We aspire to democratize personal finance in a meaningful way by leveraging best-in-class investment technologies. It is our intention to provide wealth-building tools to effect the dispersion of economic prosperity to more Filipinos,” said BeeDragon president and CEO Jon Carlo Lim.

“Tony Tan Caktiong and myself carefully select the specific business and industry we invest in, and we see this venture to have significant long-term growth potential, and as an important strategic addition to the ecosystem that we are building out for the past several years since our first partnership in Mang Inasal, and our succeeding partnership in DoubleDragon. Over the long term, we also see the FinTech space creating the synergic gel that would enhance and bring benefits to the various other business units in our ecosystem,” said BeeDragon chairman Edgar Injap Sia II.



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