Absolute Distilled Drinking Water teams up with HERO Foundation

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The Pure Distilled Drinking Water serves as an enabler of donations for the benefit of military orphans

Help flows in the spirit of pure love as Absolute Distilled Drinking Water partners with HERO Foundation to support the families of fallen soldiers.

A brand synonymous with the ultimate expression of love for the family, Absolute has proven to be an ally through the journey of motherhood and, now, in caring for the military orphans in need.

“Absolute has always been committed to share love that is pure, safe, and secure, as we continue to provide support to our fellow Filipinos. We’re extremely excited to once again take part in a pivotal cause in partnership with HERO Foundation. We know that the past two years have been challenging for our kababayans and this further inspires us to contribute in making the children’s future brighter,” notes Jill Villanueva, Asst. Vice President for Marketing of Asia Brewery Inc., in an interview.

Absolute has incorporated QR code labels in its 350ml and 500ml bottles that can be
scanned using the GCash app.

The code redirects to the HERO Foundation account, where a financial donation can be placed to help the organization’s cause.

The financial support helps keep these children in school as it covers education essentials such as school supplies, transportation, meals and even a portion of their tuition fee.

The goal is to put them through college or obtain a certificate in a vocational course, which will give them a better shot of landing a livelihood that grants financial security.

The foundation has supported 2,701 scholars since its establishment, with 1,190 graduates.

For more details about HERO Foundation, please visit https://herofoundation.com.ph.



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