Pandegka at SM Grand Central: Baguio City’s art community brings Cordilleran-themed artworks to Metro Manila

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Pasakalye Group of Artists (PGA), Baguio City’s art community, launched their first SM art exhibit outside the Cordilleran region at the SM City Grand Central in Caloocan City last Oct. 12.

More than 50 Cordilleran-themed artworks along with figurative and abstract pieces from who they call the “friends of Pasakalye” complete the ensemble of the art curation where the pieces of art were displayed for two weeks at the said mall.

PGA continues to strengthen its partnership with SM in promoting and preserving the City’s arts, culture, and heritage. This collaborative effort was joined by their artist friends from the Freedom Arts Society of Metro Manila and Hardin Creatives of Nueva Vizcaya.

Engr. Julius Lumiqued, vice president for external affairs and volunteer curator of Pasakalye, shared how the group strived during the three-year running pandemic crisis, but their tie-ups with SM assisted the group to thrive and better in this different time.

The Pandegka (Ibalai for create or make) Exhibit at SM Grand Central Caloocan featuring the works of Baguio City’s Pasakalye Group of Artists

“SM Baguio has opened their doors for us and we have been doing exhibits with them, and now thank you to SM Grand Central for opening their doors for us, as we bring and share arts from the grassroots,” Lumiqued said in his speech.

“Pasakalye’s strong partnership with SM has helped them discover more talents that are now showcasing their skills. These budding artists are not just showcasing their artistic side but are now self-supporting through the economic opportunity this initiative provides them,” he furthered.

Engr. Lumiqued also emphasized that the pieces of art in the exhibit will not just support each artist economically, but also contribute to a good cause of uplifting budding artists, craftsmen, and local entrepreneurs in their area. This initiative also envisions being a venue of cultural exchange in every city or province that the next leg will lead to.

Staying true to its commitment, SM Supermalls has prepared more venues in its malls in North Luzon to house the next legs of this Art Tour. This initiative aims to continuously provide opportunities for the creative community, particularly in visual arts, to promote and celebrate Filipino artistry.

For more information about the Art Tour and SM Supermalls, visit or check out @smsupermalls on social media.



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