Celebrate the holidays with Tia Belle’s Special Christmas dishes

Tia Belle’s special Christmas dishes revolve around pasta and noodles.

Aside from the symbolism of long life, these dishes are also a staple in every Christmas celebration and even in the New Year.

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, strong family ties, and super long Christmas holidays.

Most families tend to celebrate in their homes, or gather in restaurants and other venues to catch up with relatives.

What’s never missing in these gatherings are food – lots and lots of it.

It’s the holiday season, everybody deserves to eat good food while enjoying the festivities.

They say love is best expressed through food – and for Tia Belle’s Tagaytay, these scrumptious Christmas dishes are just the perfect addition to your holiday feast.

Armed with their Christmas specials, Tia Belle’s is ready to serve customers with a smile and a warm heart.

Whether you want to prepare food for two or for the whole clan, Tia Belle’s got you covered.

Be sure to feast your eyes and stomachs with these delectable dishes and overflowing hospitality that Tia Belle’s has to offer.

Tia Belle’s special Christmas dishes revolve around pasta and noodles.

Aside from the symbolism of long life, these dishes are also a staple in every Christmas celebration and even in the New Year.

A celebration is not complete without these Filipino dishes we love and adore so much.

Each dish will surely bring back a lot of memories, and eventually make way to create new ones this year.

They offer Pansit Malabon, Pansit Siomai, Miki Bihon, Pansit Bihon, Pansit Canton and Pansit Tofu – all of which are fit for family and clan reunions.

The more food, the merrier their stomachs will be.

Pansit Tofu
Pansit Bihon
Miki Bihon
Pansit Siomai
Pansit Malabon
Pansit Canton

Other than that, Tia Belle’s also offers Carbonara and Spaghetti for their pasta dishes, perfect for all ages and tastes.


Moreover, they also have Bulalo Lomi and Mucho Lomi, which most tourists crave and always come back to.

There’s no stomach Tia Belle’s can’t satisfy.

Mucho Lomi
Bulalo Lomi

Food can bind families together

Evelyn Wise, the hands-on owner of Tia Belle’s, truly believes that food can bind families together, just like how her restaurant is bound to her heart.

Evelyn Wise, owner of Tia Belle’s

“Every time I am in the kitchen, cooking and concocting sauces, I feel like dancing — dancing with my wok,” she said.

Cooking has become both her solace and passion, a privilege she enjoys as people appreciating her food.

She has a diverse palate, as her cooking styles reflect the years she lived in Europe before she put up a Filipino style restaurant in our country.

For her, cooking can change the world, one plate at a time.

True to her word, Tia Belle’s reflect Evelyn’s life values.

Her restaurant prioritizes its customers before anything else and seeks to uphold hospitality in all ways.

“We make sure we provide an optimal dining experience for our customers by making sure that their dining experience is our responsibility the minute they step into our restaurant,” she elaborates.

The restaurant itself also bears a testament on how wonderful Filipino culture can be – adorned with a homey ambiance, it is surely the place to be during the holidays.

It gives you the sense of belongingness in a bigger community – just like how Evelyn intended it to be.

“We want to give our customers an authentic and genuine glimpse of the Philippines by honoring and delving into the Filipino culture and traditions through our services, atmosphere, art, and food,” said Evelyn.

This Christmas season, Tia Belle’s doors are always welcome for people who want a genuine Filipino experience of the holidays, complete with stellar service, delectable dishes, and good company.

The holidays will never be boring for your heart and stomach whenever you’re at Tia Belle’s.

You can contact them at 0956 470 8145 or message them on their Facebook page, Tia Belle’s Pansit Malabon and Pichi-Pichi.



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