Angie Barrios : Tough as metal in the events management industry

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Heading an events management team is no easy task. From conceptualizing, preparation, logistics, up to managing the event proper itself, ensuring that an event goes well takes great skill in organization and leadership.

Successful event management involves intricate planning with arrangements that go hand in hand, like gears meshing precisely with each other. And when you want your event to not only go smoothly as planned, but beyond expected, there is one name you can depend on—Angie Barrios.

Angie has made a name for herself in the events management industry and heavily specializes in organizing exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, and foreign buyer programs.


Her hands-on style and combined with the mindset of trust, confidence and transparency within her organization, more so, with her clients, is one of the secrets in managing her company MAI (Market Access & Innovations) Management Philippines.

Set up in October 2002, MAI has proven to the industry what kind of leadership is most effective when it comes to events management—a humble approach, passion for the job, and resilient determination.

The first three years of MAI were really tough, just like a normal organization, despite the successful projects.

Even when she was left deep in debt because of a fraudulent client and thought of quitting, she still pushed on, thinking of her family’s needs.

Her passion and perseverance in the events management and in organizing, MAI is on its over two decades of existence, primarily focus where her heart is—the metal industry. This steely resolve paid off and today she is now at the forefront of the industry. She is also now the President of Business Innovation Solutions and Services, Inc. (BISSI).

The latter part of 2022 made Angie decide that she would go back to the metalworking industry by conceptualizing a show in line with her passion for metalworking. Her first project as an event organizer was for a machinery and metal work show in Cebu back in 1995 and she has grown fond of metalworking since then.

i-MTAP 2023

Together with MAI Events Management Philippines, she will be organizing the International Machinery, Tools and Accessories Philippines (i-MTAP 2023) show this coming April 2023.

i-MTAP 2023 will host the prestigious pillars of the metalworking industry together with the leading local and international industrial and caliber companies showcasing their top-of-the-line machinery, tools, and accessories.

Angie is overwhelmed to see that the seeds they have planted and nurtured in the past from the metalworking industry have bloomed beautifully together with the various industries that they have worked with.

And with almost three decades in the industry, Angie Barrios knows that when metal gears mesh together perfectly in sync, successful movements are sure to follow.

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