Weekends at ‘Chill at Wind’ in SMDC Strip at Wind Residences

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Weekends at Tagaytay will not be complete without experiencing Chill at Wind in SMDC Strip at Wind Residences. 

Conveniently located along the major thoroughfare of Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, SMDC Strip at Wind Residences is surely a perfect location for those looking to experience Tagaytay with ease away from your usual packed tourist spots.

Chill at Wind provides residents and guests a truly unique outdoor dining and entertainment experience like no other, with weekly varying offerings ranging from Asian snacks, well-loved Filipino comfort food, empanadas, ramen, grilled pork and other barbecue dishes that are perfectly partnered with refreshing drinks infused with natural fruit flavors.

To finish off, there are a bunch of various dessert options to choose from, like cotton candies, ice cream, waffles and many more.

To complement the roster of weekly delectables, there are well-curated stores located in each SMDC Wind Tower available to provide additional food options such as Pizza Hut, Island Tea Co. and Dairy Queen.

Home essentials and convenience stores like Ace Hardware and 7-11, beauty and pampering stops at Posh Nails and Nuat Thai – are also available to serve you.

Should you need to check or manage your finances while away from the metro, BDO is open for your banking needs.

Indeed there is much to see, taste and hear as visitors are also welcome to join acoustic performers to set the mood for relaxing with friends and family.

To further complement the experience, Top Off Road Philippines showcased awesome rides and equipment for the adventure seekers that long for thrilling offroad activities.

A feast for the eyes awaits you as you discover customized pick-up vehicles perfect for the outback. 

To plan your weekly getaway at Tagaytay, make sure to follow and frequently check our Facebook pages, www.facebook.com/SMDCTheStrips for announcements and schedules of the upcoming Chill At Wind exhibit and performances.

 Shop, Meet, Dine and Celebrate here with us at The Strip at Wind.



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