The Perfect Pair for Coffee Lovers

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Introducing the newest addition to the already impressive lineup of Tiger Sugar Philippines – the Tiger Sugar Coffee variants.

If you are a coffee lover, you are in for a treat.

Tiger Sugar has always been known for their top-notch milk teas that come in a variety of flavors, from classic to fruit-infused ones.

Now, they are expanding their menu to cater to the coffee enthusiasts out there.

With four exciting flavors to choose from, you can indulge in your coffee cravings anytime, anywhere.

First on the list is the classic Tiger Sugar’s Iced Latte, made with premium coffee beans and combined with the signature brown sugar syrup that Tiger Sugar is famous for.

It’s the perfect balance of strong and sweet that will surely awaken your senses.

For those who prefer a stronger kick, the Americano variant is a must-try.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not try the Cafe Latte?

It’s a velvety mix of fresh milk and espresso, topped with a dollop of cream.

It’s a coffee lover’s dream come true.

Lastly, the Dirty Matcha, a generous serving of premium mix of matcha and coffee, and milk.

It’s a unique twist to matcha that will surely surprise you.

But that’s not all.

Tiger Sugar is also introducing a new product – the Brown Sugar Almond Croissant, made in collaboration with Ijo Bakery: The Batangas Viennoiserie.

DSC02119_1 (1)

This flaky and buttery pastry is filled with a rich almond cream and drizzled with the same brown sugar syrup that Tiger Sugar is known for.

It’s a perfect complement to your cup of coffee or milk tea.

You can enjoy a Milk Tea and Croissant Combo for only PHP 240.

That’s a great deal that you don’t want to miss.

DSC02071 (1)

So head on over to the nearest Tiger Sugar branch and try out their new coffee and croissant variants.

It’s a perfect way to start your day or cap off your afternoon.



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