Caritas Philippines Calls for Cleaner Elections and Societal Progress on 125th Independence Day

In commemoration of the 125th Independence Day, Caritas Philippines, the social action and development arm of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, is urging for a cleaner election process as the barangay and SK elections approach.

Recognizing the significance of this occasion, Bishop Colin Bagaforo, the President of Caritas Philippines, emphasized the need for better ecology protection, improved peace and order, enhanced observance of justice and peace, and a reformed education system.

These collective efforts are vital to elevate the lives and uphold the dignity of every Filipino, reflecting the true essence of independence.

Bishop Colin Bagaforo, President of Caritas Philippines, remarked, “On this momentous occasion of our 125th Independence Day, Caritas Philippines strongly advocates for a cleaner and more transparent election process. We believe that genuine democracy is built on the foundations of integrity and social responsibility. We must elect leaders who are committed to upholding democratic values, promoting good governance, and championing social justice. By exercising our right to vote wisely, we can actively shape the future of our nation.”

Caritas Philippines, through its unwavering commitment to liberating Filipinos from poverty, injustice, and coercion, has implemented the 7 Alay Kapwa Legacy Programs.

These comprehensive programs are specifically designed to empower communities through initiatives focused on education, nutrition, livelihoods, good governance, ecology, capacity strengthening, and humanitarian response, among other crucial areas.

By addressing these fundamental aspects of societal development, Caritas Philippines aims to create sustainable change and enable individuals to live dignified lives.

Furthermore, Caritas Philippines emphasizes the significance of ensuring that the electoral process remains free, fair, and credible.

It is essential for the government to take necessary measures to guarantee transparency, accountability, and integrity throughout the elections.

“Together, let us forge a more just and equitable society, where every Filipino can live with dignity and freedom. Caritas Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the welfare of the Filipino people, upholding democratic values, and nurturing a society rooted in justice and compassion,” he added.



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