Hotel101-Madrid is set to be the very first homegrown Filipino hotel chain to enter Spain

Robust sales revenue of about €143.3 Million Euros (₱8.8 Billion Pesos) is expected to be generated from the Hotel101- Madrid project

The Hotel101-Madrid site in Avenida Fuerzas Armadas, Valdebebas, Madrid is surrounded by major landmark buildings. 3 minutes walk to the Valdebebas Train Station, 4 minutes walk to IFEMA convention complex, 5 minutes walk to Real Madrid Sports Complex, and around 7 minutes to the new Madrid Barajas International Airport

DoubleDragon Corporation worldwide hotel expansion subsidiary, Hotel101 Global Pte. Ltd. today July 20, 2023 signs Master Service Agreements with Orience, PSI Consultants, and L&L RSM Law as the exclusive advisory service providers to process the residency applications by investment option for buyers of at least three (3) units in Hotel101’s first European project, Hotel101-Madrid located in Valdebebas Madrid, Spain.

A Golden Visa for Spain, officially known as the Spain Investor Visa is a residence permit issued to non-European citizens who makes a substantial investment in Spain such as buying a real estate asset worth 500,000 EURO.

“It will be optional for the Hotel101 unit buyers if they wanted to apply for a golden visa with their purchase of the Hotel101 units. As we will be building a fresh inventory of units, it will not reduce the existing housing inventory in Spain, and will add economic activity through the purchase of land, salaries of construction team and the longterm recurring taxes that this project will bring in. We are excited for a long-term business endeavor, as Spain and Philippines have a very long history of cultural relationship and would bring longterm benefits to both Spain and the Philippines,” said DoubleDragon/Hotel101 Global Chairman Edgar Injap Sia II.

The Golden Visa applications are for evaluation and approval of the proper authorities of the Government of Spain, at its discretion, but the purchase of Hotel101 units may be used by the foreign buyer to comply with the 500,000 EURO Spanish real estate investment requirement.

The Golden Visa processing and advisory fee that cost about 6,000 EURO will be Free of Cost for those who will purchase 3 Hotel101 units in Madrid Spain from the start of the unit pre-selling until December 31, 2023 or until the units are fully sold out, whichever comes first.

Hotel101-Madrid is set to become one of the Top 5 largest hotels in Madrid, Spain.

It is also set to be the very first homegrown Filipino hotel chain to enter Spain.

DoubleDragon’s vision for Hotel101 to become world-class in all standards and create job opportunities for Filipinos who reside in the Philippines or abroad, and bring a pinch of pride and honor to each and every Filipino from anywhere around the world where Hotel101 will eventually locate and operate.



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