GCG: Grant of PRAISE Incentives to GOCC Employees Allowed

Must Comply with CSC and COA Rules

The Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) stated that the grant of PRAISE incentives to employees of GOCCs is allowed by existing rules of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).  

The GCG recognizes that the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) was institutionalized by the CSC through CSC Memorandum Circular No. 1 series of 2001 which set the general guidelines for the grant of incentives and awards under PRAISE including the requirement for GOCCs to establish their internal procedures and strategies which needs to be approved by the CSC prior to implementation.  

Under Executive Order No. 150, s.2021 (or the Compensation and Position Classification System for the GOCC Sector), PRAISE is one of the incentives that may be granted to the officers and employees of GOCCs provided, that the GOCCs follow the guidelines of the Civil Service Commission (CSC). 

The GCG defers to the Civil Service Commission, being the constitutional body serving as the central personnel agency of the government, on matters pertaining to PRAISE. 

Under existing guidelines, an agency must achieve at least 80% performance accomplishment of its targets for it to be eligible to grant incentives to its employees.   

The GCG furthered that the grant of incentives and awards under PRAISE is subject to the oversight of the CSC and the Commission on Audit (COA), hence, there are enough measures to ensure prudent and transparent use of public funds to recognize excellent performance of government employees. 

The GCG, for its part, requires GOCCs to submit COA findings in order that GCG may call the attention of the concerned GOCC for any unresolved COA findings which may include those relating to grants of incentives and bonuses.  

The Governance Commission remains steadfast in its mandate as the central advisory, oversight, and monitoring body for GOCCs, to institutionalize transparency, accountability, financial viability, and responsiveness in corporate governance by monitoring and evaluating the performance of GOCCs. 



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