A Glimpse of 42 Outstanding Persons & 49 Companies Honored in PFBA on September

One can listen to interesting, learning stories from an entrepreneur, a scientist, an engineer, a singer, an actor, a radio/TV host, a DJ, a comedian, a photographer, a lawyer, a judge, a doctor, an educator, a public servant, an OFW, a gaming specialist, a vlogger and even a transgender and be inspired in this year’s Philippines Finest Business Awards (PFBA), an award-giving body that has made a significant difference by recognizing companies and individuals that have etched a remarkable achievement in their respective endeavors through the years.

It all began when Nirro Marcelo sought the help of La Visual Corporation, an innovative advertising and events specialist, to organize the highly Philippines Finest Business Awards and Outstanding Achievers 2023, and La Visual Corp. wholeheartedly conceptualized, financed, and produced the award that differentiates from other award-giving bodies in terms of compassion, dedication, and awareness. 

And the rest is history.

Organized by La Visual Corp., Sirbisu Channel, and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Rizal which collaborate to honor exceptional achievers, artists, and companies that promote best business practices, consumer welfare and protection, product quality, and customer service, the PFBA will primarily benefit the Tahanang Balik Alay, a residential care facility for the marginalized, abandoned, neglected, disenfranchised elderly.

The event is made possible by the support of PFBA sponsors Bhylinn’s Modern Fashion and Densol’s Catering (as primary sponsors) and Mountaintop Coffee Beans, J.P. Catering Services, Rich.B Health and Beauty Products Trading, and The Hexagon Events Place (as minor sponsors) as well as media partners like Malaya Business Insight, Business Mirror, Daily Tribune, Philippines Graphic, Pilipino Mirror, Pasyal Tayo, Light TV, Amazing Manila Journal, 98.4 Love FM Teleradyo, XFM 101.7, Win Radio 91.5 Manila, DWIZ 882 AM, ALIW Channel 23, 97.9 Home Radio, Media House Express, and Business World.

This year’s 42 outstanding individual achievers include Salvacion Paparon who will receive the Most Outstanding Individual Achievement in Business and Entrepreneurship award; Hon. Anthony Dacones as one of our Outstanding Public Servants; Gerald Santos as the Outstanding International Filipino Performer; Shirley B. Belangel, CPA, MBA as Most Trusted Rookie Financial Advisor; Elipidio Ortiz-Capito Jr. as the Most Outstanding Individual Achievement in Business and Entrepreneurship; Judge Tarcelo A. Sabarre Jr. as the Multi-Awarded and Innovative Presiding Judge of the Year; Gabriel John Rimando as Asia’s Empowering Male Entrepreneur; Lae Manego as the Most Exceptional Pop Rock Singer Artist of the Year; Garrett Bolden as the Outstanding Achiever in Music Industry; Ysang Semacio Bacasmas Acosta as the Most Exemplary Transgender Woman; Dr. Edward Q. Perez as the Most Outstanding Man of Achievements in the Field of Gaming Industry of the Year; Dr. Ersyl Tatoy Biray as the Most Outstanding Leader and Inclusive Education Advocate of the Year; Edward “Peanut” Vallespin as the Multi-Talented Comedian and Advocate; Carla Gamer Vlog as the Most Outstanding OFW Social Media Gamer Vlog Influencer of the Year;

Raymard Gutierrez as the Most Outstanding Host and Producer of Pasyal Tayo; Miller Daniolco as Excellence in Photography and Innovative Event Organizer of the Year; Eugenio Ferrer Santiago III, EnP, JD, PhD, PD-SMNL as the Most Outstanding Man of Achievements in the Field of Higher Education and Government Service; Martin Ocampo Tan as the Most Outstanding Public Servant of the Year; Jonavie Abarca as the Most Innovative and Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year; Hero Angeles as the Most Extraordinary Visual Artist & Remarkable Filipino Actor; Beverly Salviejo as the Outstanding Comedian and Singing Performer; DJ Cali Manzano as the Outstanding Podcaster of The Year; Gil Aducal Morales (or simply Ate Gay) as the Most Outstanding Comedian of The Year; Reynaldo Z. Lachica as the Most Outstanding and Innovative Global Power Plant Chemist/Chemical Commissioning Engineer of the Year; Coco Martin as the Most Extraordinary Filipino Actor, Director and Film Producer; Ryan Martin as the Most Outstanding Fast-Rising Filipino Actor; Angelica Cabrera as the Most Excellent Woman in Humanitarian Service;

Indhay Marie as the Promising Female Radio Host for “OFW DIARIES”; Wilric C. Asuncion, MD, MPH as the Outstanding Business Leadership and Credibility in the Field of Public Health; Annabelle D. Surara as the Most Trusted and Reliable Broadcaster of the Year; Chris Tsuper as the Most Inspiring and Remarkable Male Radio DJ; Nicole Hiyala as the Most Inspiring and Remarkable Female Radio DJ; Masculados Original as the Most Outstanding Talented Male Group; Justice Danilo Igano Gregorio as the Most Outstanding Registered Filipino Criminologist (Pioneering) and ASEAN Lawyer; Chef Jennifer M. Mojares as the Outstanding Individual Achievement in Business and Entrepreneurship; Rogelio Constantino Medina as the Most Outstanding Freelance Journalist of the Year; PSSG Meriam Jalman Jukuy as the Most Outstanding Policewoman of the Year; PTCOL. Ronaldo M. Lumactod Jr. , PESE, JD, RCRIM as the Most Outstanding Chief of Police and Remarkable Public Servant of the Year; DJ Lhen Tejome as the Most Promising Female Radio DJ, Lino D. G. Mallari as the Most Promising Whatta Whatta EUROTV Host of the Year; Braggy Braganza as the Most Outstanding Radio Station Manager; and Atty. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta for her Outstanding Achievement as the recipient of the Outstanding Excellence Award in Public Service.

Likewise, there are 49 companies that have been recognized as the best in their respective fields, and they are as follows:

PAGCOR, Chef Chateau, Hiroshi Wellness Healthcare Solutions, Robin’s RTW Boutique, Fotomagika Photography & Photobooth, Petals of Love MNL, Lagniappe PrintShop, Sheanne Roll Up Door Construction Services, Lyx Beautyline, Bagwiser Lux, VIP Dancers, Quick & Fast Logistics Services, Cave Beach Resort, RJQ Travel and Tour, Babes Confections, Excelsus Psychological Services, Illustratio Social Media Consultancy, Infinity Skincare, Gowns & Events Management by Touting, Studio45K Photography, Eye Leen Hair & Make Up Artistry by Aileen Sebua, Links Digital, Evelyn & Jeniton’s Catering Services, Daphne Bags & Prints, IPHIOS Logistics Corp., Highness Collection, Goldmine Farm to Market, Rassa Health and Beauty, RTU HIMIG RIZALIA, 90.7 Love Radio Manila, and Mayet De La Rosa Fine Jewelry, Donna Rivera Furniture, BahnhofPH Language Training Center,  Philippines Graphic, Pasyal Tayo, Light TV, 98.4 Love FM Teleradyo, XFM Philippines, Nationwide-Y2H Broadcasting Network Inc., Win Radio, Media House Express, Aliw Channel 23, DWIZ-AM, 97.9 Home Radio, Radyo Agila, Bhylinn’s Modern Fashion, Densol’s Catering, Mountain Top Coffee Beans, JP Catering Services, Rich B Health and Beauty Products Trading, and The Hexagon Events Place, the venue of the Philippines Finest Business Awards and Outstanding Achievers 2023 on September 8.



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