UnionDigital Bank honored with Best Digital-Only Bank by The Asian Banker Awards 2023

We extend our sincere congratulations to UnionDigital Bank for its outstanding accomplishment in being honored with the esteemed Best Digital-Only Bank awarded by The Asian Banker Awards 2023.

Additionally, we commend the recognition received for securing The Best Digital Lending Service at the renowned World Digital Bank Awards 2023 held this past May.

At Lightstream8, we take immense pride in our partnership with UnionDigital Bank, a dedicated collaborator that is actively shaping and driving positive transformations in the lives of Filipinos.

The commitment displayed by UnionDigital Bank towards enhancing financial inclusion is genuinely inspiring and has a meaningful impact.

As we join in celebrating your well-deserved achievements, rest assured that we are always wholeheartedly behind your initiatives.

Your efforts strongly resonate with our shared mission to empower individuals and communities through accessible and innovative financial solutions.

We raise a toast to the continued excellence of UnionDigital Bank!

Your accomplishments are a clear reflection of your unwavering dedication and visionary outlook.

We stand resolutely beside you, eagerly looking forward to the positive changes that you will undoubtedly continue to bring about in the digital banking landscape of the Philippines.



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