Why Red Ribbon’s NEW Caramel Delight Cake is the creamy & light caramel sensation you need to try

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We all have our favorite go-to treats that give us that much-needed dopamine boost.

Most of the time, they come in the form of delicious desserts that brighten up even the most hectic days.

If you’re looking for a new treat to give you happiness with each bite, look no further than Red Ribbon’s all-new Caramel Delight Cake.

Elegant design made with love

It is not only sweet and light, but it’s also great to look at.

The caramel icing that outlines the cake’s elegant silhouette gives it a light and dainty vibe.

On top of the cake are elegant drops of icing that give it an airy cloud-like look, with caramel syrup on the center.

The cake also looks just as elegant when sliced – you can see the soft chiffon layers inside and the enticing cream-colored icing in between.

Light and creamy taste

Each slice of the Caramel Delight Cake melts in your mouth thanks to the soft chiffon layered with creamy icing.

The cake’s outer icing offers a light texture that complements the softness of the chiffon, and the caramel syrup and cream toppings that adorn the cake give it the perfect creamy caramel taste that’s light and satisfying.

If you’re looking for a cake that will leave you coming back for more, this is the delightful offering for you.

A treat that fits every occasion

The new Caramel Delight can be enjoyed by yourself or with others, no matter what the occasion is.

This is a yummy treat perfect for dessert or as a snack, or even as a pick me-upper during busy days.

It’s also the perfect cake for different kinds of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

There are truly many ways you can enjoy the creamy caramel experience that this cake offers.

Go to your nearest Red Ribbon store to try the new Caramel Delight Cake and experience the perfect balance of light and sweet in each slice.

Prices start at Php 479 for the Junior size and Php 669 for the Regular size. 

You can also order it via Red Ribbon’s delivery website, the Red Ribbon app, via delivery hotline at #87777, or through the Grab Food and Foodpanda apps.



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