Million Glow Barley by Kimsdiary breaks through leading international Russian news network

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Kimsdiary continues to perform groundbreaking results in today’s business climate with their Million Glow products: instant juice drinks of various flavors promising detox and endless health benefits to its consumers.

The remarkable juice drink made it to Russian News.

The company’s recently launched product, Million Glow Russian Barley Grass and Lemongrass Extract, is evidently no exception.

The latest variety went beyond the national borders, and broke through recent news in Russia on TASS, the leading and largest Russian news agency.

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The latest Million Glow product offers quality barley and more health benefits.

The Million Glow Barley drink lives up to its astounding reach and promises. The juice drink also guarantees that its barley is 100% from Russia, besides Kimsdiary’s pledge of a spectrum of health benefits—“From lowering your cholesterol to natural detox, it’s a powerhouse of benefits!”they said in a recent instagram post.

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Kimsdiary CEO Kim Abelar explains her rationale for integrating Russian barley in the solution, “Kailangan lagi tayong unique. [We need to be always unique]. Why did we choose Russia? Because Russia is the number one supplier of barley in the whole world,” she said. Russian barley is reportedly the most stable and most heat resistant of its varieties, which sets it apart in terms of quality.

The cherry on top is that the barley drink is infused with lemongrass, to give the customers that extra scrumptious experience by adding a sweet and tangy note to the drink. As expected, the Million Glow Barley sold out just one day after its launch last Nov. 28.

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Kimsdiary allowed opening of more doors for trading with Russia

After promoting Russian barley as the main ingredient of the enterprise’s new concoction, TASS was quick to report the growing popularity of the imported grass in our country, “The Philippine company Kim’s Diary Million Glows, specializing in the production of vitamins and dietary supplements, has launched a product based on Russian barley… Russian barley is becoming popular in the Philippines,” they said.

TASS reported that Russia’s trade representative in the Philippines Artem Tsinamdzgvrishvili mentioned that Russian companies have been eyeing business opportunities in our local market. “Russian companies see serious export prospects in the Philippine market, which are interested in supplies of lumber, metallurgical products, energy resources and food products from the Russian Federation,” he said.

The future of the business continues to shine brightly

CEO Abelar said her company has turned the Million Glow Barley into a phenomenon that easily sold out to thousands of customers. It made the international news and further opened business possibilities between Russia and the Philippines.

The company’s recent win demonstrate that Kimsdiary, the Russian barley and lemongrass-infused drink, and Million Glow’s variety of offerings are here to stay as a global sensation.



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