Unravel Life’s Meaning in ‘Rewind’ starring Marian Rivera-Dantes and Dingdong Dantes

A special block screening for the special comeback of a well-known married couple after a long 13 years, Marian Rivera-Dantes and Dingdong Dantes, organized by Kleenfant. Kleenfant is a trusted brand that aims to provide consumable products that is not only affordable but safest products for babies and toddlers. Kleenfant is popular on its Baby Wipes that don’t have any harmful ingredients and their promising baby skincare collection, bath and shampoo collection and diapers.

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Last December 25 2023, many supporters of Marian and Dingdong Dantes celebrates Christmas in Cinema 7 at Power Plant mall. Everyone is delighted and excited to witness another most-talked movie of the showbiz couple before even its released and to feel connected in reminiscing good times with our special someone and remind the significance of time in living just like how the movie trailer entailed.

Christmas is always most awaited holiday for every Filipino. It is a season of love, hope and joy for every family and anticipates the annual film festival called MMFF. Rewind is a family drama romance film and one of the official entries in 49th MMFF, directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar and written by Enrico C. Santos. Watching one of the entries in MMFF became a norm for majority of Filipino to spend a quality time with their loved ones and an easy go-to relaxation during the busiest time of the year and Rewind is a must watch for every Filipino household.

It’s already a good experience to watch a movie with your loved ones but Marian Rivera-Dantes and Dingdong Dantes together with the Rewind’s director Mae Cruz-Alviar surprised everyone and gave the best quality experience in watching the movie. It’s a special bonus that their kids, Zia and Sixto Dantes came! Kleefant arranged games before the screening about the famous couple and it’s delighted to know that Zia Dantes answered the question of what are the very first works of her parents. Zia excitedly participated in the game and shouted “Marimar”. Many others like Zia won Kleenfant vouchers for the short yet blissful game.

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Finally, after the end of playing the movie, most of the viewers have tears in their eyes. Everyone left with a good impression for Rewind. The movie reminded us that the answer for never got old question, what is really life? Life itself is a blank canvas; it’s our free choice that gives color to it.  Every individual had a capability to give importance in life; it is what we do, who we are and what the world we are trying to live in. Thus, it’s important to value the time and make actions (or decisions) that would not leave regrets in our footsteps. Because in life, we can only move forward. 

In addition, with a golden lesson they got from Rewind, Kleenfant also gave giveaways for everyone. A free ticket, free drinks, games, photo opt with their favorite artists and most especially spending their holiday with friends or family surely gave a very memorable Christmas for everyone in special block screening.

As of now, Rewind is the highest grossing film for the year of 2023 and its success is still continuing. So, invite your friends and family to watch it now, it’s really a worthwhile watching. Also, don’t forget to join Kleenfant Community now! It’s an exclusive yet inclusive community on Facebook. Get first dibs on news, collabs, latest events and giveaways like this Rewind block screening. Just be an active member, have fun and enjoy! 



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