AWESM Homegrown Gastronomic Treats At SM City Iloilo

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Iloilo City was recently recognized as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. The city has earned the honor of being the first from the Philippines to be given the title.

The award further strengthened Iloilo’s image as a haven of the best culinary delights and delectable feast of various cuisine, that makes every visitor crave for more during their visit in the City of Love.

The beloved homegrown businesses offer not only the treat for the palates but also the experience that one gets that leaves a taste of Iloilo embedded in their memories.

No need to go anywhere as these restaurants are at SM City Iloilo and a food crawl experience is more exciting as you get to taste homegrown goodness all in one roof.

Grumpy Cat(LGF Northpoint)

 Get a taste of Delicious Ilonggo homecooked recipes where foods are cooked with love and prepared with care. Grumpy Cat has a cozy interior makes a perfect place for tasting local dishes.

Limon(SM Foodhall)

Limonsm Foodhall

 Have some fresh lemonade from Limon paired with your favorite snacks. Choose health and drink fresh…. Serving all natural Limonada Fresca and more, using premium ingredients.

Popoy’s Batchoy (SM Food hall)

Popoys Batchoysm Foodhall

 Popoy’s Batchoy started with a stall at Iloilo Central Market, frequented by foodies from different walks of life. Now, Popoy’s is located at SM City Iloilo Foodhall, ready to cater to visitors who want to experience the most-loved soup dish.

Theo’s Bakery Cafe(UGF Northpoint)

Theos Restaurant . Bakery Ugf Northpoint

A relaxed destination for casual, modern dining, which also bake the best quality croissants daily! Ambience is everything and Theo’s has the interiors that will take your dining experience to the next level.

Fluffy Fish (SM Foodhall)

Fluffy Fishsm Foodhall

Enjoy specially baked Taiyakis with different fillings to choose from – Chocohazelnut, Ube Cheese, Bavarian, Red Bean, Cheese, and Strawberry. You can also pair them with our yummy homemade gelato. At Fluffy Fish, you have them in a taiyaki cone or in a cup! 

U-Frappe House(2nd Flr. Main Mall) 

U Frappe House2nd Flr. Main Mall

U Frappe is a modern European restaurant catering to affordable tasty beverages and delicious snack treats. They boast to have the first ever conveyor belt food delivery, which will deliver your ordered food straight to the customer’s table

Pares University(SM Foodcourt)

Pares Univesrsitysm Foodcourt

Pares University is known their budget-friendly pares, consisting of braised beef in their signature sarsa, paired with light beef broth and garlic rice. Best of all, Unli-rice is offered at the SM Foodcourt of SM City Iloilo for you to not fall short of the Pares goodness!

Summer House ( LGF Northpoint)

The Summer House Restaurantlgf Northpoint

A landmark Chinese restaurant. One of the Iloilo City’s favored Chinese restaurants, The Summer House was originally located in the old business district of the city along Calle Real (now J.M Basa street). Now, the restaurant is conveniently located at SM City Iloilo’s Northpoint for everybody to enjoy.

Gato Gellato –(LGF Main Mall)

Gatto Gelato Lgfmain Mall

Gatto Gelato is a gelato shop based in Iloilo City that employs Italian techniques and technology to create house-made artisan gelato served with passion and love. Ilonggos and visitors alike can now have Gelato within their reach whenever they are craving for a cup or more!

Saj Hut (LGF Northpoint)

Saj Hutlgf Northpoint

-A truly authentic Lebanese dining experience at Saj Hut! Taste the tradition as you savor mouthwatering dishes that are sure to leave you craving for more.

Kucho Café (LGF Northpoint)

Kucho Cafe Ugf Northpoint

Kucho Café provides Specialty Coffee and delectable food through excellent customer service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Kogi & Vegi (SM Foodhall)

Kogi And Vegism Foodhall

As expected, Kogi and Vegi serves authentic Korean Cuisine. Readily available at SM Foodhall, you can have the best tasting Korean dishes you’ve been craving for anytime!.

Bourbon Street Bar and Grill(SM Southpoint)

Bourbon Streetsm Southpoint

Satisfy your cravings for great food at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill, the home of Delectable Backribs and more! With a wide selection of mouthwatering and filling dishes, one will have a satisfying dining experience in every visit.

Coffeebreak NXT(SM Southpoint)

Coffeebreak Nxt Sm Southpoint

Coffeebreak NXT, nestled at SM Southpoint, cozy atmosphere as you enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the place is perfect for worthwhile conversations while enjoying an array of delicious food and your favorite brew.

Little Farmers Coffeesm Foodcourt

While at SM Foodcourt, there is Little Farmers Coffee, a shop that specializes in the wholesale and retail of fresh roasted coffee beans and seeks to be the spark and current that fans the flames of awareness for Filipino coffee. Diners can easily grab a cupo or two after a hearty meal in the food tenants in the area.

Ilonggo dishes and homegrown restaurants at SM City Iloilo, surely live up to the title of Iloilo City as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, doing their part to entertain locals and tourists alike, made even special with the fact that are all found in one convenient destination.



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