Boracay’s First-Ever Food Truck Wows International Crowd

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From island bowls to milk teas, Boracay Beach Truck is a hit

Around the world in a bowl—this is the concept that Juan Elizalde and Paolo Occhionero had in mind when creating the first food truck in Boracay Island, Philippines. These names may ring a bell, as they are also the mastermind behind Aria Cucina Italiana, one of the busiest Italian restaurants in D’Mall, as it has drawn crowds from all over the globe with their delicious pizzas, pastas, and gelatos. As Aria Cucina Italiana became a huge success, they saw the potential for another concept—a quick-service food truck that is easy and delicious, while giving customers a bang for their buck. Being one of the world’s best beaches, Boracay is the perfect spot for a food truck, inspired by western islands like Hawaii, and some of their coastal states like California & Florida, where this unique and fun food concept gained a cult following.

Boracay Beach Truck is strategically placed at the entrance of D’Mall from the main road, where the picturesque red food truck naturally draws in international customers. They have two simple-but-genius concepts for quick meals and drinks: Island Bowls and Sunrise Milktea.

Island Bowls offers rice, noodles, and soup bowls, so hungry tourists and locals can swiftly order it for take out and eat on-the-go, but there is also the provision of tables and chairs at the airconditioned second floor area for a much more relaxed dining experience. They offer a variety of the Pinoy favorite fried lumpia (4 pieces per serving), with options of Vegetarian (P160), Pork (P200), or Shrimp (P350). For those with a sweet tooth, the Banana Turon (P100) is the ultimate snack or dessert, with its delectable sugar-coated wrapper that’s deep fried to a crisp perfection. 

These hearty island bowls are full of flavor, made with the freshest ingredients!

As for their island bowls, the crowd favorites are Japan’s staple, Abura Ramen (P390), Indonesia’s pride, Chicken Satay (P320), Korea’s favorite, Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl (P350), Hawaii’s fresh and original Salmon Poke Rice Bowl (P420), and the Filipino classic, Chicken Adobo Rice Bowl (P320), packed with authentic local flavors. 

Of course, no meal is complete without a refreshing beverage. Sunrise Milktea offers ice-cold, tea-based drinks with variants like matcha, fruits, brown sugar, and flavored black tea. Sweetness level ranges from 0, 25, 50, and 100 percent to satisfy every customer’s distinct palate and preference. 

Sunrise Milktea offers refreshingly fun and delicious drinks to beat the island heat!

Boracay’s international tourists definitely love Boracay Beach Truck, so much so that they take their satisfaction and share it online. 

Adri Kovac from Europe shares, “I really like this place, I have already eaten here a few times. My favorite is fried rice with kimchi and teriyaki tofu. Super delicious food, clean place, great view from upstairs seating area. Very clean, quick, cheap and you can pay by card.” 

Sigrid Solbakken from Norway adds, “Great food. I ate there several times and the food was equally tasty every time. Nice seating area on the 2nd floor.”

There’s also Scottish tourist Reb Rielly who shared, “This place is great! Food was so tasty and reasonably priced. The dishes came fairly quickly and the quality of the food was 10/10. Lovely seating area upstairs.”

Boracay Beach Truck continues to wow both local and international travelers as they serve mouth-watering island bowls and thirst-quenching boba milkteas at Station 2, D’Mall Entrance (main road, beside Budget Mart) from 11AM to 11PM daily, with earlier opening and later closing during super peak seasons from 10AM to 12AM. 

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Follow them on Instagram @boracaybeachtruck for more updates. View full menu on their website.

For inquiries, call +63 96 9149 0059 on mobile or 028 288-6749 on landline. 



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