Food Trip at SM City Baguio

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Your Baguio Food Adventure Starts Here

While Baguio shines as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it’s equally celebrated for its vibrant food scene. Embark on a culinary road trip indulging from breakfast until dinner with these curated food guide at SM City Baguio.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors ranging from hearty breakfasts to savory lunches, delightful meriendas, and satisfying dinners. At SM City Baguio, explore a mosaic of local delicacies and international cuisines, each dish promising to tease your taste buds and leave you craving for more. 

Join us as we uncover the gastronomic treasures awaiting you, ready to elevate your dining experience within Baguio’s picturesque charm.

Hill Station Bistro

Location: Level 2, Sunset Terraces, SM City Baguio

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Photos : Hill Station FB page

Legendary Hill Station lands at SM City Baguio! Soak in stunning city views while savoring their cult-favorite dishes like Tortang Talong, Inihaw Liempo, and Chicken Tonkatsu, all served with veggies and red rice. Dive into all-day breakfast, homemade treats, and smoked deli delights like the Saigon Steak sandwich, a taste of Baguio tradition right here!

Coffee and Pine

Location: Lower Ground, North Terrace, SM City Baguio

Photos : Coffee and Pine FB page

Looking for the perfect pick-me-up to kickstart your Baguio adventure? Grab a cup of Baguio’s warm brews at Coffee & Pine, a local favorite, offers signature coffee like the milky Atok Haze Latte. They also have refreshing alternatives such as the Northern Blossom Purple Latte and Blueberry Smoothies. Pair your drink with their decadent Mac & Cheese or Triple Decker for a filling stop.

Greyhound Café

Location: Upper Ground, Sunset Terraces, SM City Baguio

Experience the vibrant flavors of Thailand without leaving Baguio! Greyhound Cafe, perched atop SM City Baguio’s Sunset Terraces, offers an authentic Thai culinary experience with a unique twist. Savor authentic flavors & their secret Baguio menu: Pineapple Fried Rice & Three Musketeers (taro, sweet potato, pumpkin). Ask for the “black book” to unlock hidden gems. Sip on Pink Journey (strawberry, apple, lime) or coffee Jello, all with a breathtaking panorama of Baguio City!


Location: Upper Ground, Sunset Terraces, SM City Baguio

Explore the exquisite flavors of Japan at Botejyu! Start your taste bud adventure with crispy Gyoza, then dive into the creamy goodness of California Rolls. Dig-in on a culinary journey with the Sakura Bento Box.  It’s the perfect fuel for your SM Baguio food crawl! 

Mango Tree Cafe 

Location: Upper Ground, Sunset Terraces, SM City Baguio

Photos : Mango Tree Cafe FB page

Mango Tree Cafe brings its world-renowned menu to SM City Baguio, offering authentic Thai flavors crafted with high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a diverse selection of appetizers, salads, curries, and more, all prepared by talented Thai and Filipino chefs. Experience the warmth of Thai hospitality amidst a cozy ambiance, and discover the unique charm of regional dishes from Northern Thailand.


Location: Sky Terrace, Level 3, SM City Baguio

Sink your taste buds in the many flavors of Wingzone’s chicken dishes like Salted Egg, Thai Chili, Garlic Parm, Lemon Zinger, and Honey Q. Choose between the naked wings or boneless bites to go with your plate of piping hot rice, or have both so you can fully enjoy the Wingzone experience.

Highland Brew

Location: Sky Terrace, Level 3, SM City Baguio

Seeking a comforting thirst-quencher from exploring Baguio? Highland Brew, a local favorite atop SM City Baguio, awaits. It offers stunning views and soul-warming brews like the Mt. Ulap Tiramisu. Unwind with calming lavender or refreshing hibiscus tea. It’s more than coffee, it’s an experience.


Location: Sky Terrace, Level 3, SM City Baguio

Sky-high indulgence! Ascend to SM Baguio’s Sky Terrace and treat yourself to Yogorino’s Italian frozen yogurt with panoramic views. Imagine creamy swirls, fresh fruit, and decadent toppings – a royal treat!  They even have Japanese crepes for a sweet twist. Don’t miss out!

Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hotpot

Location: Level 2, Sunset Terraces, SM CIty Baguio

Warm up after Baguio adventures! Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hotpot offers endless hotpot to share with loved ones. Choose from 16 soup base flavors, add premium meats, fresh vegetables, and scrumptious hotpot balls, and umami sauces.


Location: Level 2, Sunset Terraces, SM City Baguio

Indulge in authentic American comfort food at Chili’s! Try their refreshing Classic Chicken Salad or indulge in savory favorites like Bacon Ranch Beef Quesadilla and Loaded Boneless Chicken, all dip-ready!

James Wright Café

Location: Lower Ground, North Terrace, SM City Baguio

Photos : James Wright Cafe FB page

Make James Wright Café a must-add to your food crawl! It’s the perfect spot to cap off your culinary adventure with a delicious and affordable drink like their Greek Frappe, Hot Mocha, or Cheesecake Latte. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes it ideal for both unwinding and getting some work done.

Vizcos’s Restaurant And Cake Shop

Location: Lower Ground, North Terrace, SM City Baguio

A trip to the North isn’t complete without a stop at the famed Vizco’s. The crowd-pleasing Strawberry Shortcake, undoubtedly the all-time favorite, is a must-try (or take home), as is the decadent Tres Leche. While they have several main dish options, the rich Baked Chicken Penne stands out as the most popular.

H.O.Y. House of Yogurt

Location: Lower Ground, North Terrace, SM City Baguio                                                            

Photos : H.O.Y. IG page

H.O.Y. House of Yogurt elevates yogurt in Baguio! They craft unique blends with local and highland ingredients, a must-try for yogurt lovers. Enjoy delectable pasalubong ideas like hopia, cheesy pie, and more! Treat your gut and taste buds for an enjoyable experience.

Food and fun at the fullest  – what’s not to love at SM City Baguio? Indulge with our delectable offerings and follow us on social media for more foodie adventures and festive updates!



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