PHAP’s integrity, professionalism program trains over 6,700 pharma employees

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The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines, representing the research-based providers of medicines and vaccines in the country, has trained more than 6,700 individuals employed by its Member companies to actively promote integrity and professionalism in the industry. 

PHAP developed the Integrity and Proficiency Program for the Pharmaceutical Sector or IPPS which is a  pioneering program that brings the interest and welfare of the patients at the center of what it’s Members  do. PHAP is composed of at least 40 member companies that are in the forefront of research and development efforts for COVID-19 and other diseases that affect Filipinos. 

“At PHAP, we take ethics and professionalism seriously. We developed this training program to equip individuals employed by our member companies so that they may be guided in the area of ethical and professional interactions with the healthcare community. We give recognition to our all our Members for abiding and complying with high ethical standards for the pharmaceutical industry,” said Teodoro Padilla, PHAP executive director. 

PHAP has been re-accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission as a training provider for the IPPS. 

The IPPS builds on the government and private sector’s national campaign on good governance and provides another framework for the pharmaceutical sector to act with integrity and build trust as the PHAP Members go about their central purpose of improving people’s health. 

IPPS is a training and development tool for the pharmaceutical industry that promotes key principles such as integrity, transparency, independence, accountability and above all, patient focus. It puts the healthcare and well-being of patients on top of PHAP’s priority. 

Through the training tool, the IPPS will help ensure that pharmaceutical companies’ interactions with healthcare professionals, medical institutions and patient organizations, are at all times ethical, appropriate and professional. 

At the same time, the IPPS aims to boost proficiency and competence in pharmaceutical sector with the inclusion of science and medicine modules. 

The IPPS is for all member company employees who interact with health professionals, medical institutions and patient organizations.  

Since 1993, PHAP has adopted the PHAP Code of Practice  so  that all medical decisions are made in the best interests of patients.  

Adherence to the PHAP Code of Practice is a requirement to its membership. It is also aligned with the Mexico City Principles, the Code of Practice of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA), and the Department of Health (DOH) Administrative Order 2015-0053 on Implementing Guidelines on the Promotion and Marketing of Prescription Products and Medical Devices. It is also aligned with international and local laws and regulations. 



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