Pakil launches 12 Electric Passenger Tricycles

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PAKIL, Laguna—Mayor Vincent L. Soriano led in the official launching of the electric passenger tricycles or E-Trikes under the municipal government’s Pakil Electric Program.

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Soriano was joined at the launch by Eric Li, the CEO of Chong Qing ECars Technology Co., Ltd., maker of the E-Trikes. Some 12 E-Trikes were displayed before the gathered crowd at the Pakil municipal hall.

“We aim to increase the income of tricycle drivers, make the vehicle safe for passengers, and ensure that tricycle operations in our respective communities are environment-friendly,” the Mayor said.

It can be recalled that on March 14, 2023, the Mayor announced that Pakil was chosen by Chong Qing for the prototype testing of E-Trikes. Now, Pakil is the first LGU to partner with Chong Qing and offer electric passenger tricycles in the Philippines.

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The E-trikes are lithium-battery-powered vehicles that have a five- to seven-passenger capacity. Each electric tricycle can travel up to 160 kilometers in one charge, with a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

Pakil has many sloped road areas, and during the product presentation, it was mentioned that the E-trike has a hill-start assist control wherein the speed can be maintained no matter the slope of the hill. It also has a regenerating breaking feature that slightly charges the battery when the break is used while moving downhill.



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