Strengthening Marine Lubrication: A Step toward productivity and sustainability Solutions

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North Trend Marketing Corporation (NTM), the master distributor of Castrol in the Philippines, held its first physical productivity seminar at Sofitel Manila.

The event was held to introduce new product innovation of Castrol which will help shipping companies to be more effect and efficient for their stakeholders.

The program kicked off with the event briefing of Ernesto Sanchez, National Sales Manager for Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Energy. He pointed out the importance of this activity which aims to improve the quality of marine professionals by using cost efficient products that are readily available in the market.

North Trend Marketing Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer, Ronald L. Ang, addressed the audience as he emphasized on the marine industry in the Philippines’ fast evolution and the importance of choosing the right partner to achieve highly efficient and productive results with Engine Lubrication.

Ronald emphasized that the goal of North Trend Marketing Corporation being to provide a long-term solution that will help shipping businesses reach industrial success.

At the end of his speech, Ronald expressed gratitude to our partners as they’ve trusted the brand through thick and thin.

Program proper begins with Radm, Margarito Sanchez, Beacon Event Director and a maritime league trustee. He discussed the vision of the Maritime League which is to help and upgrade the expertise of our marine professionals and match it with international standards. He also tackled issues faced by the marine industry locally and in the international waters.

The next presenter was the chairman of the board and the president of Marine and Technical Superintendent Association of the Philippines, Engr. Rey Estaquio. He expounded on the compliance of the Philippines on IMO 2020, and through this, he emphasized that the policies of each international waters must be cascaded always to marine professionals in the Philippines.

Invited on was Castrol’s area manager for Asia Pacific, Amos Cham Wai Wa. He begins his presentation by presenting the milestones of Castrol over the past 125 years and rightfully claims that Castrol is one the pioneer brands for marine industry technology. 

He pointed out the 4 most important voyages. Voyage 1 is a focus on keeping fleets moving with high performance lubricants. Voyage 2 is accessing a reliable global network providing lubrication solution. Voyage 3 involves partners who can optimize performance and mitigate tasks from your operation. Lastly, Voyage 4 is to journey towards a sustainable future. 

He concluded his message by focusing on the mission of Castrol which is to produce sustainable products and make sure that care of our environment is one of the most important and top of mind goals of the Castrol brand, pioneered by its Path 360 project.

Another presenter from Castrol is the Technical Service for Castrol Global Marine and Energy, Asia Pacific Oon, Gim Wah. He discussed different options and recommendations from OEMs and the diversification of Marine Fuels.

He introduced the Castrol Cycltech which is a series of cylinder oils to prevent the formation of deposits in two stroke low-speed diesel engines and prevent acid corrosion. A wide range of fuel varieties are available, simplifying the application of cylinder oil on ships Cyltech 40SX \ 40XDC \ 70 \ 100 \140. Also with these products, he emphasized that Castrol is doing its effort to design solutions that are aligned with green environment agenda through maximizing efficiency.

The second part of his presentation’s focus was showcasing the new product line for Castrol Marine which is the Castrol TLX. This line of products help marine professionals extend engine protection by ‘Robustness’, resilient performance with proven engine cleanliness. ’Optimization’, efficient and long-term customer business impact. Lastly, the ‘Creation’ of the new fuel landscape.

Next up was the NTM-Catrol Sales Director, Grace Lao – Tojerras, she introduced the Excel Trend Capital Inc group of companies which are: North Trend Marketing Corporation, Trend Performance Centrum, AP Blue Whale Corporation, and Solid Trend Trade Sales Inc.. Brands under Excel Trend Capital Inc group: are Castrol, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Maxxis Tires, CST, PRESA and Delkor.

Another part of her presentation are the operations of Castrol here in the Philippines wherein she discussed the different variety of product lines of Castrol and the Castrol Business Units which are: Direct – B2B (Sales Engineer & Technical Lube Engineers) and Indirect – B2C (Distributor Managers and Regional Distributors).

She also pointed out that NTMC is equipped to serve every part of the Philippines 24/7 because of the: wide coverage of the logistics facilities of NTMC, its expertise in the industry, and the efficient credit management finance management of the company.

Lastly, Ms. Grace mentioned the core values of NTMC in which integrity is the core value we emulate at all times.

The last presenter was the CHIEF OF STAFF MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY (MARINA) and the DIRECTOR II, SHIPYARD REGULATION SERVICE, Engr. Ramon C. Hernandez. He expressed his appreciation of the event as these kinds of events help the maritime industry evolve and make it more efficient to match with the global standards and challenges. His wish is to produce these types of events which give in-depth discussion on the problems and solutions on the maritime industry in the Philippines. He proudly reminds us that Filipino marine professionals are experts which would lead us to be one of top most choices of shipping companies around the globe.



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