Mutya ng Taguig Celebrates the Strength and Determination of Taguigueñas

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The highly anticipated Mutya ng Taguig beauty pageant is set to make a triumphant return on May 25, 2024, at The Tent at Acacia Estates, Acacia Avenue, Taguig City. This year’s event promises to showcase the unwavering determination and power embodied by every Taguigueña, true to the Mutya ng Taguig theme song lyrics, “matalino, mabait at maganda ang tindig.”

After a four-year hiatus, Mutya ng Taguig is back, drawing excitement and anticipation from across the city and beyond. Thirty-six barangays have eagerly sent their most promising contestants to compete for the prestigious title, making this edition the biggest in the history of the Pageant.

Under the leadership of the City Government of Taguig, preparations for the event are in full swing.

They are dedicated to staging an unforgettable evening that celebrates not only beauty but also purpose and empowerment.

The theme ” Taguigueña, Panalo Ka” encapsulates the spirit of resilience and strength that characterizes the women of Taguig. Each contestant embodies the essence of a true Taguigueña – empowered, determined, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes her way.

“We are thrilled to bring back Mutya ng Taguig,” said City of Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano. “This pageant is not just about beauty; it’s about celebrating the remarkable strength and determination of Taguigueñas. We are proud to showcase the diverse talents and qualities of our women, and we look forward toan evening filled with inspiration and empowerment.”

The Mutya ng Taguig 2024 pageant will be an evening of glamour, talent, and purpose.

From the traditional parade of beauties to the exciting display of wit at the Q & A segment, the event will highlight the multifaceted talents and achievements of Taguig’s finest women.

In a unique collaboration, local fashion designers have also been invited to participate in this pageant.

Their creations will be worn by the contestants, adding an extra layer of creativity and putting a spotlight on the vibrant fashion scene of Taguig.

Join us on May 25, 2024 at The Tent at Acacia Estates as we crown the next Mutya ng Taguig and celebrate the indomitable spirit of Taguigueñas everywhere!



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